How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?

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Linus Tech Tips

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    1. Eeshan S Jaiswal

      Could have used Selenium Webdriver for opening that many tabs with only some lines of code.

    2. smorange7

      This video should have been sponsored by OneTab for Chrome lol.

    3. Luca Capezio

      Does it run Crysis?

    4. Alex Tinkle'bottom

      can you give me a stick lol

    5. Jacob Navarro

      How many tabs can you open with two terabytes of memory. Chrome:3. Take it or leave it

    6. Rodrigo López

      03:38 ... to operate in SIRIal mode. 03:40 ... This SIRIal operation ... Which one triggered Siri?

    7. Frank Lofaro Jr.

      Linux would handle it better. Windows can't cope!

    8. Silver Spoon

      I have ADHD I need this..

    9. Iman I-Em Ama-En

      Even 2TB RAM couldn't beat Chrome with single window opened

    10. Screaming Horse

      that can load my entire laptop hdd into RAM

    11. Deepak Kumar

      Developer : int listOfTabs; after watching this video, I quit my job

    12. Israel Smart

      Linus: Ahhhh 6000 tabs chrome a new World Record

    13. SuchtyTV Niclas

      Every Chrome can allocate as much memory as it wants, as long there is disk space available. The bottleneck is not due to the memory, but the ethernet and chromes inability to multithread such a demand. (since this is not useful)

    14. Delanamas Gaming

      1:41 why tf do you need an apple lamp? in the backround.

    15. Aepek

      My personal laptop runs this slow all the time, I’m guessing that’s not normal😂 But, what can you expect from an Asus Eee Laptop w/ 4GB ram running Win 2000🤣

    16. X̶̲̅ H̶̲̅A̶̲̅

      Use Firefox in anonymous mode ! 😆

    17. Oofero

      wait I have 2TB

    18. Lxgit

      And i thought 8gb was enough

    19. Maverick PlayS

      i thought 2TB HDD now in video ur telling RAM clickbait🤣

    20. Vulkhir

      Probably cant handle 999million minecraft tnt :)

    21. Zeke

      The Video Starts at 6:44

    22. Ben

      Haha holy shit

    23. Everything Dibs

      3:37 why Siri turned on

    24. Joel Siennicki

      You could write a simple program for opening the tabs.

    25. FPC-Virtual

      Man this makes me cry cause my gaming PC only at 8G's 😭

    26. Music

      Q: How many Firefox tabs can you open without it freezing up? A: About 3 and a half.

    27. Mao Mao

      Wow pro gamer move

    28. Mark Grgurev

      I feel like part of the reason that memory usage wasn't climbing as fast was because you had 100s of instances of the same sites open but they likely aren't holding duplicates of images and CSS files in RAM. 6000 different sites would no doubt use more memory.

    29. K1dSmirk

      Meat Canyon brought me here...

    30. StAndby

      I have 2 TB-s of hdd and this guy has the same amounts of ram and come on he is testing it on chrome and not minecraft? COME OON

    31. Final Fantasy

      4:20 dude i know right why dont they all !?

    32. trying 2 survive

      Who chews on pudding?

    33. Bryan Rigby

      2k GB is OP

    34. Luke Detering

      School Computers: Just 2 and ONLY 2 TABS

    35. Peter

      Would really love to see what happens on Linux to see how it compares 👀

    36. Tech Unboxer

      Linus is back!..

    37. Southern park Craig Tweeker

      Cringe title with cringe thumbnail

    38. Water Sheep

      imagine if you could like download games on your ram lmao

    39. ProMasterBoy - Development & More

      Why pay for so much RAM? Just download some online

    40. Cary Groneveldt

      *I want a piece of paper ....* *Whoa whoa whoa, easy there, Mr. Technoguy ....* *Not all of us have a PhD in electronics!*

    41. Richard Dececio

      That's a LOT of cookies

    42. Roger Zheng

      massive memory leak; chrome is only consumer software, not designed for this...

    43. Randomly Interesting

      this is more RAM than i have storage space, meaning you could hold my entire storage in RAM lmao

    44. Sana omar

      try an other operating system .

    45. Da Potato King

      Normal people: 20 tabs at most My teacher: ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!

    46. Rick Malone

      Use an auto clicker and just let it run!

    47. Good Boy

      He can play Pubg happily ever after

    48. Edanski 77

      Me at 2:00 am watching this

    49. a decent person

      My computer ran after seeing this thumbnail

    50. BuxmaneK

      This is real?

    51. cymaratechoverdragon

      1, and a HD stream.

    52. Tenzack YOGI

      ReCheck on Linux OS.

    53. Vsauce Infinite

      none, linus. NONE.

    54. Blind Dragon

      How about how many tabs in one browser window can be done before windows crashes

    55. Skjöld Game Studio

      Hey, can I borrow that to rebuild lighting in Unreal Engine? Should only take a few minutes.

    56. jabetsgi

      8:02 When you can't find that one clip

    57. Allah is the greatest

      This stick of ram has more capacity than ur entire system *me with a 600gb system*

    58. H_hyper 26

      Unknown u tube vid:THIS TAPE CAN HOLD 30 terabytes Me: nods my head

    59. Film Fanatic

      Three. Take it or leave it

    60. David B

      This video played after the meat canyon vid lol