How To Restore a Rusty Knife



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    Today I show you how to restore a Rusty knife. Have an antique knife that you'd like to restore to mint condition? Watch this video to learn how! You'll be amazed and incredibly satisfied when your warned down blade looks good as new! It's incredibly easy to do - and you only new a few simple everyday household items.
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    1. nct's fart

      Rip to those who believed

    2. Blazer471

      Plot twist: hila is how to basic

    3. Tejas Ahuja

      Hey dude, Thanks ! It helped me so much ! I wanted to eat chicken meat but the knife I was having was rusted but when I tried your tutorial, the knife was restored to a new one. Thanks ! Pro Tip : Add a little bit of coke in the jelly mixture so that the knife smells great ;)

    4. Ian

      shame on people who actually thought this was real and did the beggining

    5. Miguel Henriques


    6. Çağan 8

      Mükemmel taktik

    7. apt_Ovelha- Chone Gamer


    8. -Hawks_wife -

      I thought this was an actual vid and I saw the egg and immediately realized: this is howtobasic

    9. skull crusher

      I did all the steps but i ended up making dinner ;-;

    10. Safwan ProGamer

      Wow he is just wasting food that god gave to him😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    11. Diti Baro

      In every video he needs eggs 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    12. Ahmed badawy

      Why flying Kitty's subscribers watching this

    13. Iron Man Virtual Tutorials

      Title:how to restore rusty knife Howtobasic:cooks egg

    14. Jenny Song

      Pleaseeeee stop wasting food 😭😭😭😭

    15. ecs RaiNy

      Eggs are the answer to every problem... Welcome to the EGG-niverse

    16. Mick Na

      *scientists believe he buys a new house every time and leaves the cleaning to the new owners *

    17. Oeza

      Hey vsauce

    18. Hristo Gvozdeikov

      It didn't work

    19. CaPtAiN WoBbLeS

      Informative video thank you

    20. Battra 2020

      i actually thought this was a real restoring vid until i saw eggs and other weird stuff then i looks down and saw ur profile. e.

    21. UniqueBacon

      Im laughing at the intaire Video

    22. jeffery lim

      We always dont know rich people have how many thingsssssssss

    23. Phordie

      We have the best blacksmithing in history right here folks

    24. god

      Atleast he fixed the problem.

    25. Sam the roblox video maker

      it worked for me

    26. Derp Master

      Thank you so much if worked thanks

    27. Moflyi

      For some reason when I did it then it didn't work. What am I doing wrong?

    28. duck head

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> is no one gonna talk about that power throw Jesus Christ!

    29. NameLessLy

      Can you repeat step 18?

    30. Arianne the sorta Funny gurl

      I hate watching these kind of videos with earphones in.

    31. Mojahid Gumander jr

      Oops I cant buy that stuff cuz its quarantine

    32. D. Stephens

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="157">2:37</a> When your child gets slime for the first time

    33. CloverLuck7 Luck

      Imagine going through all the steps very paitently and then you get to the rest of the video

    34. Safiya Abbas

      Why did you make the food waste?

    35. ArIaNnA LuCeRo

      A moment of silence for the people who searched this up in hopes of a real tutorial

    36. Dima Sanin

      Russian: Каша из топора HowToBasic: Спагетти из тесака

    37. Black Gohan

      I too have a blow torch lying around

    38. Drona

      desperdice food...

      1. Jotaro Kujo

        Shut up

    39. totee123

      I was thinking this was an actual video but the music was suspicious

    40. Madness Blox

      Thanks it helped a lot!

    41. SuperDuperGamer75

      Me: *Sees title* Also me: Does this have to do with eggs?

    42. serpint


    43. OPG Zepto

      Imagine if it got to the point where someone actually started cooking an egg on it bc they thought this was real 😆

    44. Gacha Mare

      Imaging someone doing this up to the egg part and realising that this was a joke video. I would feel so bad but it would be so funny.

    45. That One Crow

      Instructions clear De rusted my knife

    46. rednowdik cat lover

      Someone Send This To Make Me Suffer

    47. Jerry Haster


    48. Galenplayz

      the people who disliked dont even know how to restore a rusty knife

    49. Lord Indigo

      *forgets to press the record button*

    50. This Is No Ordinary Planet

      Got 1M views in a week for comedy this video is cool enough

    51. MiX _ed

      One day you will find out how to eat these things.

    52. angel patti

      can how to basic make a cookbook cause like he do be makin good recipes if you actually pay attention closely

    53. angel patti

      how to basic walks in grocery store: workers: HIDE THE EGGGGSSS!!! 🥚🥚🥚🥚

    54. Simón796 juegos,origami y mucho mas

      no te entendi ni verga no hablo ingles :v

    55. 恋柱天音


      1. Jotaro Kujo


    56. Paolo Wills-Mojica

      Wow! It was very effective! I am now in the er! Cool!

    57. 00Geeky00 00Goggles00

      *southern accent* What in oxidation was that?

    58. ShadowMyda

      My rusty knife looks delicious, can’t wait to eat it!

    59. I luv poop

      Omg it works 👊😌

    60. • Ra1nSoap •

      I have one Quetions why do we need to put tomatos to our rusty knife

      1. God Himself

        to restore it

    61. MintCandyTails

      please get out of my recommended

    62. Rodolfo Cepeda

      I'm surprised it actually worked

    63. Sad-Os the eggnog

      my dad says I cant use the stove anymore

    64. j o h n n a - c h a n

      I wonder how many eggs he has 🤔

    65. Brenna Glessner

      How many eggs have you wasted in your life????????????????

    66. A bizarre channel

      His method works!

    67. xxxtentacion is1

      Face reveal anytime?

    68. Cesariin

      I can only imagine the cashier seeing what he was buying I was going to say, woow he's going to do something delicious

    69. Miguel R.M.

      Wow a funcional trick in this chanel

    70. Bryan Lowrie

      I like how everything gets so demonic mid video

    71. NonTween Rocket.

      I mean... He didnt lie...

    72. Sebastian Aguilar

      o k

    73. Diego Alcoba

      Is HowToBasic the real ASMR creator?

    74. Ocean Man

      Huh this worked for me

    75. Thecoolturtle29

      The fact this worked 💀

    76. CE_glitch

      Wow it worked


      Me: whatching him do all this* Me:why don't you just bye a new one -_-

    78. lIlIlIlIlIlIlI_

      one way you can actually remove rust is with vinegar or any thing with vinegar in it (ketchup)

    79. erkki pro

      well I guess this is how you do it?