I wish i didn't see what Mom Was Doing with snakes

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    I’d just turned the light out and put my head on the pillow when I heard my mom’s voice. The walls in our house are paper thin and I was surprised to hear her on the phone so late at night. She was giggling and sounded excited and I suddenly wondered if she was talking to a man. After the divorce she hadn’t dated anyone, and maybe this was exactly what she needed. I was almost asleep when I heard her say something weird and suddenly I wasn’t so tired anymore… “I don’t think one will be enough. I’d like to adopt three if that’s OK? Can I come and get them tomorrow? I’m so excited! What did you say the youngest one was called? Monty? Haha, what a cute name!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! My mom was adopting three kids??? I mean I could understand if she wanted to adopt a cat or a dog or something, but three human beings??? Wasn’t one enough?! After dad got married again last year, mom kinda went off the rails. She’d taken up flamenco dancing and started rock climbing, so I shouldn’t have been surprised by this news. But why didn’t she speak to me about it first? I really wanted to go straight through to her room and ask her what was going on, but she sounded so happy and I knew I’d just ruin her night with my anger. But she’d ruined my night...I was 16. Why would I want three kids running around. Ah, this was awful! The next morning I woke up and she had already left for work. I found a note on the kitchen table from her that said: Hey Jodie, Have a great day! I have a big surprise for you! See you tonight! Yeah it certainly was a big surprise! The worst kind of surprise!! And that day at school was terrible. The whole time I kept thinking about what awaited me at home. The sleepless nights ahead...I realised I didn’t even know if they were babies or kids...or wait...what if they were teenagers too? No! She wouldn’t dare! She’d seriously lost the plot. After school I decided to go to my friend’s house and hang out. The last place I wanted to go was back home. I kept checking my phone, expecting mom to call or text me, but she didn’t. She was obviously too busy with her three new kids, and had probably forgotten about me already!! Me and my friend started watching a new TV series and by the time we finished a few episodes, it was like 9pm! I walked home and was surprised to see all the lights out. I’d assumed I’d see three little humans running around the lounge, but the house was quiet. Mom must have had a long day. She didn’t usually go to bed so early. I was tired too, after my sleepless night, so I went straight to bed. So much for a surprise...maybe she’d changed her mind when she realised she wasn’t up for changing diapers again! I’d talk to her about it in the morning, and try and get her to come to her senses...But I’d left it a little too late for that... I fell asleep really quickly, but after a few hours I felt something cool on my pillow. I turned around to face the other way and then I felt this weird pressure on my neck. I figured it was my blanket, so I pushed it away, but then it got tighter. I started to panic...was I dreaming? I reached out for my lamp and turned it on in a panic. I was definitely awake...this was no dream! As soon as the light came on I realised it wasn’t my blanket around my neck...it was something cold and slimy and it was moving. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I screamed so much I probably woke up the whole street! Around my neck was a snake!!!!! And it wasn’t a tiny garden snake, it was a full on python and it was huge!! I couldn’t get it off my neck. I tried to pull it off but it’s tongue was right by my ear and it was hissing at me. What did the hissing mean? Was it going to bite me or try to swallow me whole? I was wrestling with it, but the more I tried to pull it off, the tighter it wound itself around my neck.

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    1. •Tornadowah Cake•

      Did I see flowey from undertale in the picture?

    2. Hi Utoob

      4:19 who saw flowey at the picture?

    3. aaron turner

      OMG WHAAAAAAAA!?!?!!?!?

    4. Pha Jan

      Snakes are the cutest!!! Why the hell you scared !!!😱🐍😡 I want to have em’!!!

    5. Samuel keel

      Not as bad as i thought I love snakes

    6. Mondragonz

      It’s kinda dumb that you left just cuz of snakes

    7. Russell Guyton

      I know i thought that 😊

    8. Luna Plays

      Lol am I the only one who is jellos bc she has 3 snakes?

    9. Dong Eclarinal

      Ur mom is Medusa.

    10. ifeanyi ikeanyi

      did I just see flowy in the photo?

    11. krissy foxgamer

      3:57 undertale

    12. monkonoiki uchiha

      4:24 is that flowey

    13. Marica Thompson

      I would've been so upset 😑

    14. delicious cookies

      Who else was getting mad wail watching the video i cant belive the way she was talking about her mom and the snakes 😠 dont get me wrong i dont like being around snakes that much but i think there cute

    15. god boi

      Yum yum hentai

    16. Hailey Brown

      Love the message

    17. Urban Legend

      5:31, her pinky looks extremely disturbing

    18. Princess Nevaeh911

      She was doing the dirty with the snakes. :(

    19. Nguyen John

      yea this is totally real

    20. Sepnat

      Snakes:*wearing a little hats Girl:MY MOM IS CRAZY!

    21. Sepnat

      I wish i didn't see what mom was doing with snakes at 3AM She was petting a snake

    22. Loviekinz

      And THIS is why my mom wont let me have a snake. Stories of them crawling in bed with you.... Sigh

    23. pablo ponce

      that cool i have a pet rat and a dog.

    24. Beau p

      You might not like that am going to say but I love snakes I have held one too (◔‿◔)

    25. Biata yoon

      I love it that will kill me kill me

    26. Alex Rather not say

      It’s pretty cute I think I want snakes now

    27. Rayshell Tecumseh


    28. Jeffrey King

      I love snacks to I act just like her

    29. RIP XXXTentacion

      I kinda wanna find her instagram not even lying

    30. Bridget Maldonado

      I love snakes dogs cats fishes and a dragon lizard

    31. Martha Jackson

      Snakes aren’t too bad

    32. -crystal * su-

      Wait....the mom didint even care that the snake was almost CHOKING her daughter!?!?

    33. Hannah Huron

      Okay we were all thinking it😂

    34. Augrc gaming

      Nobody: thinks snakes are slimy Me be like: i have five of them

    35. Brooke Mounsey

      There was a flowy the flower photo from Undertale like if you've seen it to😃😃🌻🌻🌻🌻

    36. Itz Anniee

      I like snakes

    37. IS 10

      4:24 wait... Flowey..? Is that you?

    38. pepo

      4:18 background: did you see the flowey the flower from undertale?

    39. Hellblast

      4:19 flowey alert

    40. Faith Anderson

      Who leaves there mom because she got snakes like WTH