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    00:00 Intro
    01:04 Bogdan Explains The Plasma Cutter
    01:38 Reverse Engineering A Portable Plasma Cutter
    02:18 How The Gauntlet Will Work
    04:10 The Build Begins
    04:59 Testing Time!
    05:14 James Builds The Grounding Glove
    06:50 Fitting The Nozzle Into The Gauntlet
    08:43 First Bench Test
    09:05 The Gauntlet Is Ready!
    09:33 It Cuts Everything!
    10:21 Cutting A Sword In Half!
    11:22 Does It Have Real World Applications?
    13:46 James Cuts Through A Steel Door!
    14:47 Breaking and Entering
    14:55 Cutting A Car Into Pieces Begins
    15:32 Sunroof Time!
    16:18 Cutting Off The Doors!
    16:41 Iron Man Was Here
    16:54 James Drives Off Into The Sunset
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    Quiet Air Compressor ►
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    #IronMan #Repulsor #IronManSuit
    Real life iron man glove with plasma cutter metal ironman suit real ironman gauntlet laser

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    1. the Hacksmith

      What's the yellow hose for!? Our portable air tank (from a paintball gun) ran out, and we couldn't get it refilled while filming, so we used shop air for most of the tests! The system is still fully portable without any wires, we just need to refill the air tank. Sorry for not explaining this in the video! The batteries and airtank have a run time of about 10 minutes, which is more than enough to cut through tons of things -- for example, the car was all cut on a single charge!

      1. Lyall Cameron

        i wna see a full iron man suit incorperating everyhting so far

      2. Llama Tv

        Dude! Make the buster sword!!!!!

      3. Titan Dunn

        I don't mean to be mean but wouldn't you just need to cut the hinges of the car door to take off the door so it would be easy to cut through the car

      4. Jonathan H.

        Sorry guys, couldn't leave it at 666 likes. I had to.

      5. Allen Corbeille

        Happy you explained the hose, was thinking it wasn't fully portable. Should show it fully portable, even as a throw away joke in the background.

    2. UnrealS0ul

      Make and iron man suit but put all the wire inside the iron man suit

    3. Aymane Elotfi

      Hey Hacksmith You can make a real iron man repulsor And you put the full metal iron man Glove.

    4. WisterTwister

      ok guys u just made an ultimate stealing tool

    5. K Gamer


    6. raghu jasrai

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> which movie?????

    7. Christopher Rowe

      "It's not the apocalypse yet and looting is wrong." That did not age well

    8. Poly Dull

      He has gone mad with power!

    9. Poly Dull

      For iron man's hand blaster.things you can simply get high powered lasers or a high power laser diode.

    10. Poly Dull

      you should give this to mr.beast, so he can destroy a things

    11. Dellirian Narusawa

      I am wondering if this is a precaution for another unbreakable box challenge.

    12. it's cyb3r

      I learned more science from hacksmith than my science class

    13. Trent Bell

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="832">13:52</a> that didn't age well.

    14. Shannon Boswell

      One step away from a iron man suit

    15. Jonathan

      This has to be one of the coolest hacksmith videos and I've been a fan for years!!! Thank you guys!!!

    16. All games mods All games mods 2

      Imagine it was world war 3 and the us government used them as weapon makers

    17. William Lerner

      watch styro pyros newest vid the laser would go great with this and you should team up with him

    18. ASC Speedy Walker

      This makes sense for search and rescue like you said

    19. vurtego flybar

      Cut through glass

    20. Jay Suddes

      Rocket boots

      1. bocoy noiu

        13:53 Oh how things can change in just a week 😳

    21. Wam A.

      hacksmitch: looting is wrong Amerika:

      1. bocoy noiu

        please make whiplash whip from ironman vs whiplash

    22. Kartik Hingorani

      How can I get the prototype

      1. the Hacksmith

        Enter the giveaway!

    23. СЛАВА

      А Богдан откуда ? Русско говорящий или нет ? )

    24. Jared Rodriguez

      You should make the repulsion cannon from Subnautica by making it using compressed air as the repulsion thing.

    25. Maxwell Industries

      I have an idea. What if u the hacksmith made R2D2 from star wars

    26. Llama Tv

      Dude! Make the buster sword!!!!!

    27. Tomas Mayorga

      Nobody: The hacksmiths at the riots:

    28. Veer Doshi

      I wish I win It

    29. kyle toribio

      have u ever done a full amor

    30. General Slug

      These people are most likely of a government watch list

    31. Pratima Anavekar

      When apocalypse strikes, this guy’ll be on top

    32. Pratima Anavekar

      The Hacksmith: At the front door His mom: Would you please use the handle this time?

    33. W.c Keijl

      Funny how you make me idea what i told be bright day in the Netherlands to make the suit of Iron man fly, but instead you a plasma laser. And just a part of the idea

      1. dolimi jotoo

        “Just kidding, it's not the apocalypse yet, and looting is WRONG.” One week later...

    34. GeminiJets458 6

      When Do we find out the results of the last giveaway

    35. Christian Von Binoya

      Is making the Bat mobile part of your plans? I’d really love to see that but I’m also not forcing that lmao

      1. dolimi jotoo

        how much u want for it

    36. andrew wijaya

      please make whiplash whip from ironman vs whiplash

    37. Matthew W.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="833">13:53</a> Oh how things can change in just a week 😳

    38. DorimeXD

      Plasma lightsaber?

    39. ducmagic

      What the yellow cable? Power cord?

      1. the Hacksmith

        Air line

    40. Random YouTuber

      1 helmet 2 jet pack 3 Ironman gloves Put them together a real hero is borned 2102: I have made hulkbuster

    41. Muffin Cook

      How much is the car?

    42. TheFeelingsIHave Has Gone God Mode


    43. Phantom


    44. TheFeelingsIHave Has Gone God Mode

      Can I have A prot please I've always wanted one thing I can enjoy I have like nothing in my room other then my bed and my dresser pleease

    45. Silent Assasin Gaming

      if you use that to cut through doors a shotgun will awaits in your face

    46. h i

      You should make baymax

    47. ADEENb

      You should put the lens from the welding glasses onto the Ironman helmet that way you can use Borge at the Same time

    48. Joshy Gaming

      Can you make a thanos gauntlet? And allow the glove to glow with the stones if you can

    49. Austin Kellum

      Why do you have the washers on your other hand?

    50. Landon Martinez

      how much u want for it

    51. Benjamin Hackett

      “Just kidding, it's not the apocalypse yet, and looting is WRONG.” One week later...

      1. Benjamin Hackett

        @the Hacksmith Great project though! This is one of those I was quite looking forward to as soon as you began talking about it.

      2. the Hacksmith

        ...yeah that did not age well. Oof

    52. bocoy noiu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1012">16:52</a> “Until I build the rest of the suit and I’m able to fly” People... it has been confirmed

    53. Yoba Somaliev

      oi m8, call meh when u build teh real one

      1. bocoy noiu

        it is incredible what sir does you could make an armor of the knights of the zodiako como pegasus armor

    54. MadMuss

      now sell this to the russo brothers

    55. Juan Rossi


    56. 齐天语

      Disappointed that you didn't fix the car with flex tape.

    57. SHD

      Why Captain America is wearing Iron's Man glove?

    58. J.Bergqvist

      what if he would have had that THING when he broke in to the "unbreakeble" box

    59. JEXTER 9X9

      you: playing fortnite ..... hours later........many hours late you forgot to have a girlfriend then your DAD : <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="796">13:16</a>

    60. player x20

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="472">7:52</a>

    61. Mirza Baig

      can you make god of war axe

    62. Timo jissink

      I am wondering what is preventing you to cut any faster than that, it does not seem like the kind of tool like "oh i'm being chased, let me cut a hole right here and disappear"

    63. Pratima Anavekar

      The FBI wants to know your location

    64. Pratima Anavekar

      Make a real Pokémon which can use fire-type moves, can evolve, and is able to be caught in a Pokeball somehow

    65. Savy Pillay

      Can you please make a spiderman web shoters

    66. eioshen boboi

      Hack smith: why would u use power tools when u have this Me: THATS A POWER TOOL

    67. Christopher Mills

      Plasma cutter for lightsaber???

      1. eioshen boboi

        Seriously, what HAVEN'T these people made?

    68. Soinas Doyi

      Hack smith: why would u use power tools when u have this Me: THATS A POWER TOOL

    69. Joseph Johan Bonilla

      it is incredible what sir does you could make an armor of the knights of the zodiako como pegasus armor

      1. Soinas Doyi


    70. Kirtan Desai

      I think you are the next Elon Musk.

    71. madcap magician

      nice work guys .

    72. Mikey Michael



      What do you need to do to make all of this, like what do you need to learn?

    74. XinYan Twins

      is it just me, the red line or the thingy have a sections that shows which part he is building or so why is it like that? Just wondering...

      1. the Hacksmith


    75. Ksp

      Try to light a cigarette with that

    76. Cornchip

      Just Dustin better be glad he didn’t have this during the unbreakable box challenge

    77. Yahya Ali

      Team up with Gravity Industries and the US Military and you will probably actually make the suit in 10 years lol.

    78. Curtis-Dean Bruce

      You should recolor one of the doors yellow, put a red star on it, and recreate that epic scene from the first captain America movie.

    79. Curtis-Dean Bruce

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="775">12:55</a> "I used the stones to destroy the stones."

    80. TargethitterMLG

      Probably the thinnest mental door in existence