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    Extra special thanks to Jimmy for coming on and enduring such silly nonsense!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. JonTronShow

      Big thanks to Ridge for sending me this wallet and supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out! > ridge.com/JONTRON

      1. Hairless alligator

        Did you threaten him that you would put him back on kid nation if he didn’t join you

      2. MTSG

        Here before replies finish

      3. Atara Alyssa Cho

        He has the DVDs- will we see the ending of Kid Nation?

      4. The Pizza Girls

        I found the entire series of kid nation on uploaded on LTsel by someone called Mike Sparrow

      5. The Dark Lizardon X

        My boi Jimmy is the G O A T !

    2. traktor kakas

      this was great lol

    3. Ryan Harker

      My dads dead so I ain’t got to pay for shit

    4. Psychopath

      Kid Nation = Kid Dachau.

    5. fredalschu u

      Fuk I forgot it

    6. illegalChafe

      Isn’t jimmy on idubbztv channel I swear I’ve seen him on their in his recent vids

    7. Calista March

      Me: Sees Jon with supplies behind him Also me: oh god he is gonna do it🤦‍♀️

    8. snocown

      just watched this in a secondary account and the guy does scream at the beginning if you don't watch the first part

    9. Reagan Memes

      Jontron There is a youtuber who is Sophia From kid nation her channel name is Sophia close get her for the next interview she won the whole thing 😂

    10. Quas

      Now Jimmy l, you can have the big mac, or your family back.

    11. George Tsuladze

      charisma between these two is just *chef kiss*

    12. Red Eyes

      you can see the excitement in his face when he announced he was getting a star. and then you see a depressed disappointed look when he got the star.

    13. xdcountry

      Jimmy for Pres -- Jon VP

    14. toxic_level _xx

      My favorite jontron video is the plug and play

    15. CrossRoads

      You should invite jimmy back and get another/multiple people from kidnation to share their experiences more

    16. Princess Devy

      Jimmy is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah

    17. Austin Baker

      This is the worst interview I have ever seen. I wish Jimmy the best though!

    18. The Crafters Guild

      I’m still shocked he hasn’t covered the Kingdom Hearts series yet!

    19. jar jar bink

      The way Jimmy describes his time on the show sounds like a 15 year olds experience in ww1

    20. ishstorm

      Jimmy could have his own channel, dudes fuckin funny

    21. Duncanox

      This has been the funniest video in 3 years

    22. A.D.Goz.86

      The powder that he rubbed on his teeth was probably cocaine

    23. NFL All day every day

      There’s all thirteen episodes on LTsel

    24. Mrimchaelson

      We need to start a fundraiser for Jimmy’s medical education.

    25. Bageled Gaming

      Question is: Is Jacques _NOW_ dead?

    26. Pax Mayne

      Yo that wallet looks like trash

    27. Myth Pro

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a> .....so they were giving the kids cocaine?

    28. andrew baker

      you havveee to do a video on catman in boxers blow

    29. Michael Durham

      You should do a video similar to your flex tape video with the product Fuller Crystal.

    30. geta grab

      It is probably a picture of his basement but it is definitely a green screen

    31. Nativist of Columbia

      Sounds a lot like boot camp honestly.

    32. Hairless alligator

      Next on kid nation: Can these children heal the mortally wounded at war? Find out next time on kid nation!

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        Jontron should play spyro that game is my childhood

    33. Poisonarrowblue

      Why dont you ask Jimmy to let u watch the other episodes of kid nation

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        That ending really got me 😂

    34. Ryan Haynes

      You didnt spray his back

    35. Random Cat

      Kids shoulda made hardtack

    36. Bageled Gaming

      The first few fucking seconds he’s there, he’s being assaulted by Jon.

    37. Redswimmer28

      He should interview as many others from the show as he can.

    38. colinyates1991

      If only he could interview hunter... hunter was from the same town as me and I vaguely remember him being on the news once

    39. Tygo VdW

      i love how positive and happy Jimmy is. Most interesting video iv'e watched in a while. edit: The i made it at the end killed me

    40. Steven Riess

      Now jimmy can brag he met jontron

    41. LiquidJules

      This Feels like an Eric Andre episode

    42. Sour Soap

      Me to my dog, every time I leave the house <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1177">19:37</a>

    43. liz h

      LOVE THIS. so glad u were able to interview jimmy

    44. Beak Saver

      It would be fun to see him interview the other actors on the show, to see how they where treated and how they felt about the whole thing.

    45. TheRevanchist

      "Fuck you dude I'm gonna kill you" Damn man

    46. Holly XD

      But I don’t have a dad

    47. Rye Bread

      Drops beans on persian carpet *persian mom cries

    48. Tigro

      That ending really got me 😂

    49. Seal YT

      Jontron should play spyro that game is my childhood

      1. Joanna

        Jontron we want more of that jimjam

    50. HaremKing Issei

      So did anybody else know there is a birdemic 2?

    51. Garyn Howard

      There’s a new flex product flex paste😹😹

    52. pencil lord

      Jimmy: one girl got burnt Jon: what? Does she still have her face? Jimmy: pshh, I dont know

    53. kolak kolak

      Bought a ridge wallet burst into flames on the second day 11/10 should buy

    54. intrepidhero

      Does anyone else find it odd that when John mimes a camera, it appears to be a crank camera from the 1930s.

      1. Logan L

        Probably a mix of that, precisely, and 'rolling the film' at an old movie theater kinda gesture. I feel it's used for comedy and to clearly express you're recording, well I mean, as compared to if he shaped his fingers into a square and held them up in front of his eyes, but the latter kinda implies 'recording with a phone or small camera' and the crank camera implies... y'know, a big, industrial, televising-style camera. If that makes sense? I found it equally... quaint, and yet also funny.

    55. Gruny 17

      Whatta guy

    56. Simon Denischuck


    57. Poop Sax

      But the real question is Did Jimmy use that QR code?

    58. crashverde 1


    59. Simon Denischuck

      Would love to see Jon and jimmy review the whole series because jimmy mentions he owns all the dvds so I’d love to see them react to them together!! Make it a miniseries!

    60. The saiyan Warrior

      I feel like ive seen this guy on TV

    61. T-Rex official on yt

      I tried this with 70 hatchlings on my island. By day five half of then were 6 feet under. By day ten the streets were lined with mickey mouse merchindise. It turns out a plane was flying overhead and they shot it down, consumed the piolets and raided the plane. By day fifteen I couldnt find anyone except for Ben Swartz laying unconsious in a puddle of apple juice and urine. Im going back tomorrow and ill update ya.

    62. Thomas Lyden

      You should do a reaction video the live action scooby-doo movie

    63. Glassy Death

      Where jock the bird

    64. K C

      I love him 😂 I hope the medical school goes well 😂🖤

    65. VatoLoco91

      Jontron we want more of that jimjam

    66. tjay

      Antknee’s got some competition in the wallet game

    67. Fizzy

      I *need,* and I say that with absolute honesty, I *need* "Yeah, fuck you dude, I'm gonna kill you." to become a mainstream meme.

    68. DanGoFast

      Jimmy: I would be scared the poop would go in my My Mind: dang, me too

    69. Woody Boi

      Is this the real Jimmy, I can’t tell

    70. Seamus McKeon

      His hair changed color?

    71. Hunter Chambless

      Wheres flex tape 3

    72. Reinaldo Blog

      Hello I have Subscribed

    73. Rasmus B.R.

      Gotta say... Loved the first episode and Jon in general but the host kept enterupting...and enterupting... having the guy from on the show was SOO interesting but it barely didn't even matter when the host kept interupting... I wanted to hear his answers to the questions, but half way Jon did some joke and never got to hear.... terrrible shame! But the rest of the shows without interviews are good

      1. OnlyCaleb

        Agreed, I hope he learns from this and works on being a better interviewer next time if he gets the chance.

    74. Generic Nathan

      Petition for JonTron to get the whole cast back together and redo the experiment!

    75. Tsuyu asui

      Jontrons full name Jonathan Tronathan

    76. ultimateninjaboi

      Jon: "so did they at least do *insert basic human care/decency* ?" Jimmy: "So..." Pretty much the dynamic of this interview, and i love it.

    77. George Boulton

      Jared would have made a time machine by now if it wasn’t for him not getting a gold star

    78. Blue Man 4

      Honestly I love JonTron as an interviewer

    79. B. Smith

      Little Jimmy could have been on Stranger Things. He still has great acting potential.

    80. Wyatt Frederick

      Death by closing in 6 ft