LA Clippers vs Indiana Pacers Full Game Highlights | December 9, 2019-20 NBA Season

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    LA Clippers vs Indiana Pacers Full Game Highlights | December 9, 2019-20 NBA Season
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    1. Luks

      tell these full of bitches pacers staff, let goga play more unless u want yall asses kicked

    2. Alvin Adam

      No kawhi no problem

    3. Sanshiro87

      Sabonis 22 rebounds man!

    4. Léo Penal

      Clovis charlet

    5. John Bradley

      kawhi has a chronic knee injury you dum dums. he needs to pick when he will play because if he played every game, his knees will deteriorate fast and he wont be able to play in the playoffs. try to understand his situation

    6. Evan Sinclair

      that dude got hammered on the lay up and no call rofl refs are blind

    7. Tutanekai Morrison

      I wish Olidipo was playing

    8. Country Boyz Foundation

      Hey Doc...why didn’t you give Indiana this game too?

    9. Uli Peterson

      Sabonis got 22 reb in this game. wtf!

    10. Basilio from Panama

      clippers knows they will be in playoffs and cant be no 1 so they are just playing Kahwi Leonard once every 5 games thats bullshit..

    11. Tobi Emmanuel-Aina

      wow that clippers play at the end. beautiful execution

    12. zero gabz

      I'm a big fan of Kawhi, really love him. But man! Nba should fine the clippers for always sitting him. Ugh

      1. Marty Marl

        You would prefer that he play and aggravate his chronic thigh/knee problem, and then can't play at all in the playoffs??...if you were truly a fan, then you would know that he did this last season with the Raptors and it worked (note that he was limping in the finals)

    13. tatz199

      When wil we see Oladipo back playing again? Wtf is the update about his injury?

    14. pimpinnevaslipin


    15. Kiel Aaron Alcala

      Man when ypu missed PG in the Pacers so much remember back in 2013 and 2014 Playoffs almost beating Miami in the Conference Finals. Now he is on a different team. Great game for Clippers.

      1. Huunncho Hancho

        He was a beast back he almost clapped heat if he had a couple decent shooters was gon finals then injuries

    16. fatih özcan

      PG MVP mode on

    17. Makaveli chuckling

      Hey guys I don't see Kawhi, Is he hurt or something else? Please help LOL where is he why isn't he playing basketball as a max guy?

      1. warp

        Load Management

    18. Matthieu Fivet

      Paul George is a fantastic player. Hope he can get his first ring this year

    19. A Z

      Ssbonis so underrated, I want him in the Mavs

    20. Gerinse

      It's time the NBA begin fining the Clippers for sitting Kawhi.

      1. Gerinse

        @Marty Marl if he plays the next game, it's a crock of shit.

      2. Marty Marl

        He has an injury..Thank God you don't work at the NBA

      3. Ruther Agonoy

        NBA might as well start picking up Balmer’s loose change

      4. Jan Jan


    21. Fer Carlo Cartagena

      Damn sabonis getting those boards he is always double digits in boards every game.

    22. Champions Prod.

      KawLoad Management.

    23. Zilvino Stogai


    24. Malcom Miller

      Everybody criticizing kawhi blame pop that's where he learned this and you can't blame him for wanting to be healthy come playoff time it worked last year chess not checkers

    25. LA Clippers

      I'm actually not in gloat mode. Good win. Move on. Still a long season. My 49ers lost Sherman and Richburg. Now you know why my Clips need to load manage? To avoid stuff like this later in the season.

    26. Sub Zer0

      This is PG team. Not Kawhi’s.

      1. Mujahid Manalo


      2. Ycaro Almeida

        Pg could drop 60 and it still wouldn't be his team. When playoff time comes, everybody will know wich direction to look at.

      3. Ycaro Almeida

        *insert kawhis laugh*

      4. Adrian Pap

        Whatever helps you sleep at night... ;)

    27. F7

      PG would've averaged 32 but if the Clippers pass the Ball to him more often that they give to Kawhi.

      1. Joey Smith

        @Christheclamper 661 no he dont

      2. norton4692

        No he can't.

      3. Christheclamper 661

        Pg takes more shots

    28. MojoWinsky Ibero


    29. Glenroy Charles

      the garbage that makes these highlights reels are unbelievably dull.

    30. Noel G

      Load management

    31. M G'S

      Such an easy schedule

    32. Joe Whittle

      It must be nice for your employer to want you to work for them so badly that they’ll pay you millions AND let you have any day off you want

      1. ShortyNed *

        Yes but his employer, the Clippers, have such huge expectations from him in the playoffs that anything other than a chip is a failure, especially if they don't make it out of the West. He has the most pressure

    33. Catur Fajar

      Because PG pacers get sabonis and oladipo, so why their fans "boo" PG ?

      1. Toxic Melody

        @SGA Master of Snookers He never hit a game winner for the Pacers

      2. SGA Master of Snookers

        @Toxic Melody Ummm... I think PG hit quite some clutch shots for Pacers in playoffs against the Heat...

      3. Justiceorelse

        At a celebrity softball game in the summer of 2017, Paul George said "I'm a Pacer" and that he basically wanted to stay. Then two weeks later he said he wouldn't re-sign. That's why there is animosity from Pacers fans.

      4. Toxic Melody

        Because PG was mad selfish in the playoffs series before he went to the OKC Thunder. He didn't look like a good teammate at all, basically calling them trash cause he didn't get the last shot; even though his whole Pacer career he never hit a buzzer better for the win

    34. joel bow

      wt happened to lou williams he was scoring the most points last season and the start od this season

      1. Adrian Pap

        It's one game lol

    35. Shane Kaszuba

      PG13 is special.

      1. Ruther Agonoy

        Ahmad2423 best beta of all time playing next to an alpha Kahwi Leonard. Dont see no problem here

      2. Ahmad2423

        But he's a Beta an it always comes out at the WRONG Time, Playoffs TIME !!!

    36. LA Clippers

      Propz to Bev with his 12 boards and Hark with his 14 boards. Clippers might seem small but we rank 2nd in rebounding behind only Milwaukee. Just keep playing hard.

    37. johnny hoang

      Clippers are the team to beat. Remember lakers couldnt beat clippers without Paul George

      1. Kevin Liu

        Markus Smart so has the lakes played wit the bucks yet?

      2. Kelsie Duncan

        @Markus Smart you one of leBron's bitches too?

      3. Markus Smart

        @Adrian Pap but he did play the game of his life. So no beatdown by 40 points. But ur flippers did. u got busted by 40 by the bucks WITH kawhi and PG. So basically you have no point, with a useless comment.btw U also got busted by a 3rd string pelicans and centerless suns. dumbass nigga

      4. Adrian Pap

        @Markus Smart the Clippers would've beat the Lakers by 40 if Danny Green didn't have the game of his life, so what's your point?

      5. Markus Smart

        Yeah team to beat. Thats y yall got dickwashed by 40 by the bucks the other day. Dumbass nigga

    38. LA Clippers

      I love PG. So smooth. I like how when he's booed, he plays better. Indiana fans booed him and he drops 36 pts and 7 threes on them. I hope Laker fans keep booing him on Christmas.

      1. Eunoia Ville

        Where were you a couple days ago when the bucks smacked y’all I was looking for clippers fans couldn’t find any

      2. El Jefe

        Pg will go Playoffs mode on christmas😂😂

    39. Pcorf Creations

      Statement game by PG. And Kawhi Leonard's return to Toronto against a Raptors team suddenly in free fall coming up.

      1. Mikey Moore

        Fhalloween so every team the Clippers beat are trash?

      2. Fhalloween

        Pcorf Creations statement game? Against the trash pacers? Lmao. A statement game would’ve been against the bucks bc bucks are a great team. Bucks are 2-0 against the clippers and a better record.

    40. LA Clippers

      Clippers got a little sloppy at the end. Lou went 2 for 19 and 0 for 5 from deep. Yikes. Our offense has been carried by the efficiency of PG & Trez for alot of this season.

      1. Kevin Liu

        Ruther Agonoy hes consistent enough as a six men tho

      2. Ruther Agonoy

        milixe1 bro i watch every game and hes also on my fantasy team. Pretty sure I know his nightly numbers lmfao

      3. milixe1

        @Ruther Agonoy Lou is consistent. He plays well just about every night. You obviously don't watch Clippers games.

      4. Ruther Agonoy

        213 thats the point of PG and Kahwi. Lou wouldve been an all star if he was consistent. But he’s not. And in this Clippers team, he doesnt even have to be. He’s basically a luxury that can give easy wins in the playoffs when hes on.

    41. James Shkreli van Hoogstraten

      10:22 love that Pat Beverly tries to go for some free points like a hungry dog.. so characteristic 😂

    42. LA Clippers

      Good win. No time to gloat. Move onto the next game. We don't want to be like Shannon Sharpe gloating that the Lakers will crush the Bucks. Stay quiet and humble. Long season.

      1. Ken Ogu

        Why must you mention Lakers on a Clippers video? This how I know you guys worried about us taking over.......

    43. Daniel Robinson

      impressive win without load management leonard


      Paul George dropped 36 PTS on SEVEN 3PM in the Clippers’ 110-99 WIN over Indiana! No Kawhi Leonard, so PG did it for LAC! 🔥


      Do you think Pg and Kwahi not so fit so well ? everytime kwahi play Pg look so average .. They playing style are the same.

      1. Joey Smith

        @SGA Master of Snookers ppl dont know basketball😂

      2. SGA Master of Snookers

        @Top Shotta Just because one player has more points when the other doesn't play, doesn't mean they don't work together...

      3. Top Shotta

        Christheclamper 661 your comment is dumb asf

      4. Christheclamper 661

        I said it before when they are clicking one of the best duos ever but when they play like ass I mean they play like complete shit they are one of the worst duo in nba history

    46. Glenn R.

      Pacers have been overrated. They couldn't even beat the clippers without Kawhi!

      1. Big mac bun has 67 sesame seeds on top

        Nah if they have a healthy Oladipo, they will probably be in second or third seed in East.

      2. Fhalloween

        Glenn R. Clippers had PG tho lmao

    47. RESERVES

      The Pacers passed up Kawhi Leonard in the 2011 Draft when they could've had both Paul George And Kawhi.

      1. BlkDiesel

        @Joelando Butterfield Great info Joelando but let's remember that at that time The Pacers had an overload of talent at the PG and SG spots: Mike Dunleavy, Dahntay Jones and Paul George at SG. Danny Granger and James Posey at the SF. Paul George was hardly seeing any mins behind Dunleavy and Jones and Kawhi would of hardly saw any behind Granger and Posey for a while. Again, I think it worked out well for both of them evolution wise to meet up this way.

      2. Joelando Butterfield

        @BlkDiesel Paul George and Granger are both small forwards.PG13 played shooting guard because he was talented enough to play sg offensively and defensively.Pacers could have easily had room for Kawaii as a backup sg or sf but they decided to trade for George Hill because they didn't have a great guard at the time.

      3. BlkDiesel

        @Gibran Issa Yeah! I'm sure in hindsight they would of done that over asap lol.

      4. Gibran Issa

        Didn't they draft him and them trade him for george hill....little hazy bout it

      5. Gibran Issa

        @josef ang uhm hey know he has 2 rings right?

    48. James Shkreli van Hoogstraten

      If Montrezl Harrell gets a decent mid range jumper he can be a top 50 player.

      1. Makaveli chuckling

        Or a back to basket game,

      2. James Shkreli van Hoogstraten

        Mangok Mangok the crazy part is that Trez makes 6M a year and Lou makes 8M a year. Trez literally makes less than the average salary in the nba, disgusting, lou will only makes slightly more.

      3. James Shkreli van Hoogstraten

        Mangok Mangok not really, hes more top 60-80

      4. Mangok Mangok

        James Shkreli van Hoogstraten he already is

    49. jordan 24

      Aggressive pg that is what I like to see. Was bout to drop 40 on that booing crowd.

    50. Elijah Ward

      The bronsexuals are comming

      1. jay go

        U better wish

    51. Given Sebastian


    52. James Shkreli van Hoogstraten

      Lou Will struggling these last couple of games, hope he can get back to what he was playing like the majority of the season.


      load management again so fragile

      1. Clipper fan

        Н. Итгэлт well get used to it because he’s gonna be doing it for the rest of his career

      2. Н. Итгэлт

        @Clipper fan because no one has been back to back season load management, shit's gettin outta hand

      3. Clipper fan

        Why did no one complain when he did this in Toronto lmao why is it only a problem now

      4. troy francis

        looking for likes, load manage ur sadness

    54. Daniel Berri


    55. Himmat Lally


    56. garrett fitzsimmons


    57. Tan Yun Wei