Best Of Lakers | Week 7 | 2019-20 NBA Season



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    Look back at the best of the Lakers week 7!
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    1. frank Waddah

    2. SuperRip7

      Lakers now have new highlights. 01-03-20.



    4. Milas Reis


    5. mohammed gindiel

      Best believe I only liked this video because of Caruso

      1. mohammed gindiel

        I am a warrior fan btw

    6. Kenia Gavarrete

      Bully L.A

    7. Fresh Yesh

      its over



    9. Jotham Dockie

      next 5 game road trip! wish u all the luck lakers

    10. Game Ball

      AD's talent become more useful with Lakers and a possible ring for him this season

    11. Sergio Torres

      Carushow is underrated he really play good

    12. Montage Land

      I just posted a fire🔥 stephen curry montage with the song heartless by The Weeknd

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    14. Survival


    15. Zach Viacrucis

      You know the game is over if Dwight makes a 3

    16. Sujal Bamal

      I wanna see lakers vs bucks

      1. Affordable Sticks

        Bucks are Giannis or bust in the playoffs though. I think Lakers vs Raptors or 76ers, or celtics would be more competitive.

    17. Harley Quinn

      Lob city is killing it

    18. Eddie Vasquez

      Bron can literally do a half ass layup, travel, double dribble, and miss it, and the stadium will still scream there throats out for him

    19. Eddie Vasquez

      Bron can literally do a half ass layup, travel, double dribble, and miss it, and the stadium will still scream there throats out for him

    20. Renato Yabut

      Go Lakers

    21. Cute XD

      6:51 100% back court violation because left foot of rondo

      1. Jc

        It was which is why the Blazers head coach was malding LOLOL

      2. SSJPunchoutkid

        Cute XD okay

    22. Cute XD

      Rip haters🤣😂

    23. Tails the Anti-Satanist

      Booooo Lakers 👎

      1. Alonzo Smith

        They Are A Really Good Team They Might Not A Win A Champion But They Beat Half Of The Teams Accept ,76ers,Celtics,Bucks,Clippers,

    24. Marcus Davis

      Trouble trouble troubles

    25. Cláudio 77

      I love Lakers, I love NBA.

    26. jerome

    27. ma sta

      lakeshow bout to win that championship

    28. Jamar Gaming

      I hope the Lakers win the championship🙏🙏

    29. DrVince

      Our 2019-2020 Champs!!!

    30. Wade Wilson

      3:44 Caruso with the ass slap

    31. Digital Gravity

      @4:18 LeBron about to beat Kuzma’s ass if he misses that shot lol

    32. achraf

      Why do they always win?

      1. Tails the Anti-Satanist

        Exactly! They're on Chinese steroids

    33. Quentin Le Neveu

      it's an automatic L if Dwight Howard makes 3s

      1. WhatisAntiLogic?

        I remember when Rodman would make a 3. It always meant that the other team was gonna lose bad.

    34. Bruce Kim

      One The Goat Caruso. And two not bad players bron and brow.

    35. darryl bodollo

      "He's Hotter than Fish Grease"🔥

    36. Melo7

      1:12 why is Juan clapping😂

      1. Jc

        Jason Garrett is his idol.

    37. Fake Lebron

      the hell is dwight howard doing shooting threes

      1. King Clutchshot


    38. Viltheegr8!

      Hot like fish grease FACTS!!

    39. full sender

      The all new Showtime Lakers of the 80s! LeBron as Magic, Davis as Worthy, Mcgee as Jabbar, Rondo as Scott, Kuzma as Cooper and Howard as AC Green!

      1. full sender

        @Tornait yup! I forgot about them.

      2. Tornait

        mike drop Guess this makes Caruso Kurt Rambis.

    40. Chong Pong


    41. Happy Ness

      Skip this is for you!

    42. Mamonskee

      2020 best team not gonna lie, Harden is making a show of his own

    43. SuperSavage

      I don’t want to see lakers highlights... if I wanted to I would be subscribed to their page come on NBA Tired of lakers bandwagons

    44. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

      kd and curry will stop the lakers! lets go GSW!!

      1. Bruh man Oke

        Champions Prod. Wasn’t or isn’t , also I think that nigga jiking

      2. Tornait

        Curry's out for a long time, mate. Almost guaranteed to not make the playoffs.

      3. Champions Prod.

        KD wasn't on the Warriors anymore my guy

    45. Bfns 23

      One game at a time lakeshow 💯 Great job so far

    46. Sal M

      Jokic really plays no defense

    47. Moises Sobrepena

      How you doin haters? 😅😂😅

      1. ELITE

        1 day without any reply? Holy shit.

    48. Dely Idwards

      Quin Cook fenna get another ring for doing nothing!!! 😂😂 Lakers definitely getting the chip this year 💯 💯

      1. Señor Pink

        @D Thomas hell nah. You dont want kuz out dawg.

      2. D Thomas

        Elijah barber If Kuzma don’t prove he can be that 3rd scorer by February I say trade him & cook for Covington & get iggy ( if he’s bought out)

      3. Elijah barber

        I'd move him and Daniel's for another 3 and D wing player and give THT there playing time

    49. Lets Talk Issues

      Bron on some king shit

    50. strictly business

      *LeBron, Davis, doing their thing. Caruso said I want in.*

      1. CLYDE TMB

        Jon Nolan Gay

      2. Jon Nolan

      3. strictly business

        *yes sir, no doubt. He wants more playing time.*

      4. Jon Sanchez

        CaruShow Time!

    51. J Harriger

      Google Uyghers

    52. Angel_Rippley

      Is it me or is lebron doing everything in this

      1. BOSS SHAWN

        Yeah it’s just you. This Lakers team is all world!

    53. Aj Galido


    54. Mr Bubbles

      It would be a huge surprise if they don't win championship this year. They seem unstoppable.

      1. vin striker

        Mr Bubbles hes the mastermind

      2. Mr Bubbles

        @Deso2121I agree the Bucks been looking like the only threat to the Lakers. But if everyone is healthy come playoff time I think the Lakers will be even better...

      3. Deso2121

        @Mr Bubbles well i dont understand why everybody ignores the Bucks. They are the biggest threat to us

      4. Mr Bubbles

        @Tommy Cornett Well I know that's the narrative but Clippers showed one thing so far: they're fragile.


        @Tommy Cornett i think laker win..clipper just not great like ad n bron tbh

    55. abdielDroid

      chek mi chanel plis

    56. Juan Farrel

      Let's go champ

    57. cruciaL

      Am i too early for the haters or they just disappeared?

      1. King Clutchshot

        Both bro

      2. CodeX

        they'll be back once we lose another game in January or something

      3. Sebastian Gonzales

        Both 😂😭

    58. Diman-37ru Russia


    59. Franc Djato

      Fabulous by lakers