Living on my Own


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    Living on your own isnt as easy as it looks. Or uh… I’m just dumb. Eh
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    1. SomeThingElseYT

      I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something

      1. Sophia Tottingham

        omg I love you adam I watch your vids every single day of my freaking life

      2. Zen Time HD

        Rip coffee table

      3. Goomba Gaming

        I exist

      4. M a r g

        ive um watched all ur videos they're really good ok bye now

    2. Abdulkarim Alobayd

      Bills will kill me i just know it

    3. edo klein

      Hey Adam I’m interested in starting to animate myself, I would love to know what software you’re using and if there are any video’s and guides I should watch to learn about animation and how to operate the animation software. Thanks, Edo

    4. Faten Ghariani

      i learnd what bills are yesterday LOL

    5. Locshana Raj

      Woman in the beginning = Bryce Tankthrust?

    6. demon gacha

      When your coffee table broke i was like Me:help oh elp

    7. Foxy the Pirate parrot

      Keep the videos going bro

    8. Alma Alkhammash

      OML when I heard the knocking sound I thought it came from the window I checked it like 2 times then I realized it was coming from the video

    9. Rescue Animations

      RIP Coffee table

    10. gacha izzy

      Get some bread butter cheese apples bananas and then U can sort out dinner

    11. Sonny Bowcock


    12. Samuel Guy

      Adam loves his choccy milk

    13. Lazy Potato

      bnha fans saw bakugou??? 2:58

    14. Lucas Webb

      Give back my choclee milk mom:no you #mom got attack by dmodatizason

    15. A Dragon Of All Trades

      Adam ya got screwed. square or squared in a mathematical sense only counts the area of the floor of a space. cubed measures the volume of the room aka the walls, the floor, the ceiling and everything in between you can figure this out with the simple formula of base x width x height. Yes I am a nerd with no friends don't judge me. Please.

    16. Lysander Deem

      Rip juice wrld

    17. AAMidden

      Why does the drawing of your mom remind me of the goat mom from undertale

    18. Fnaf sister location gacha

      It’s funny. Two J’s and one A. And the J’s are followed by A’s. (Jaiden and James. I’m not funny. ~_~)

    19. Sophia Tottingham

      omg your puppy is so freaking cute can I have him

    20. UNII

      Cool. Me and him have the exact same rug!

    21. C.M.G

      I can't believe that LTsel Rewind 2019 was a complete disaster and I really wanted SomeThingElseYT to be in LTsel Rewind This Year

    22. Tan Chee Chien


    23. Tan Chee Chien

      I love choco milk

    24. Sprinkle Pie

      I know how to grocery shop and make good choices tho...

    25. Shadow Reaper

      Don't you think I didn't see that Bakugou poster cause I did

    26. Jatcat

      I’M DYING XD

    27. puppysprinkels grl

      😱😄 PUPPY

    28. Justin Marisilino


    29. 4G Squad

      what drawing tablet do you have?

    30. Lena Banks


    31. Kingwolf2571

      Cute dog.

    32. cupcakexlindsay

      Idk why I expected this to be a song.

    33. Tehani Guerrero

      At 2:59 u will se a my hero adcadamia poster of bakugou!!😂👍

    34. night toothless

      2:57 to see kacchan from my hero academia

    35. I love My cats


    36. Ethan Harris

      Thurnis and floof should hang out sometime

    37. Destiny Perez

      Funny story. I moved out basically right out of highschool with my boyfriend. We had rent paid for like 3 months so we felt comfortable taking a trip out of town, we're gone for like a week and a half and THE DAY WE GET BACK THE AC PIPES BURST AND LEAKED EVERYWHERE OVER EVERYTHING! The wood tile floor was coming up and specific tiles just popped out and would not go back in. They're wood and the water messed them up so there was no just glueing them back in. Flooring completely fucked. We bitched out the management for weeks but it never got fixed so we gave up. It's been 2 1/2 years and it's still like that. The AC and heat has stopped working dozens of times. Our fridge went out TWICE. On 4 different occasions water and pipes flooded our apartment and bathroom, twice with poop water. Why haven't we moved out you may ask. Well, rents cheap for the location and they let us get away with an illegal cat (we're supposed to pay $300 per animal and only paid for one). I never expected any of that bullshit when I moved out on my own. I want to move back home. Real life is hard.

    38. Caitlyn 3161

      I’m moving out in a month.... idk if this is helpful or not lol

    39. Silver Light

      What animation software do you use

    40. Broco toco Travers

      Help oh help