Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]



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    Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. Khalid Askar

      "Time Machine Gun Kelly" thank you for bringing back a golden era

    2. Summer June

      So damn hot

    3. pian war

      Holy Fox😱😱😱

    4. Mark Zamora

      Lil Waynes rock song with Nicki Minaj is way better than this and its hella old ......dont quit your day job mgk......Meghan fox got u out here looking like more off a fool than u usually do ....

    5. Jaime Rodriguez

      I dont Do fake girls but I'll take some of u tonight 🤟🤟🍆🍆

    6. John Solobro

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a> goals.

    7. NIGWARD


    8. Bradley Hetrick

      Mgk is the man!!!! 814 we got your back bro trailer park boys rep rep!

    9. skullfrizz

      Quanto cristo è figa Megan..

    10. Amirul Zaid

      She was in Eminem's mv, now on MGK's Megan Fox doesn't take sides.

    11. Danger Russ

      15,411,059 of these views are for MEGAN FOX 🤣

    12. External Shockwave

      GOAT 🐐 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    13. Nate Mendez

      Such a good video

    14. Nathan XD

      This music is contagious than coronavirus

    15. Landon Hooten

      My buddy made a song called my bloody valentine like last year lol

    16. Davide Cerati

      So amazing song 😍

    17. F A D E D

      At first I didn’t like this music but now i like it

    18. Q Jilezz

      Definitely woulda loved hearing this on at least one of the American Pie Movie Scenes 💯

    19. Marc Lalo

    20. Marc Lalo

      @Killshot .com

    21. Old to New

      Sounds like I'm listening to Blink182 😂

      1. Kieran E

        Hahaha, definitely. That makes sense too as Travis Barker (Blink-182 drummer) is on the drums for this song & also an executive producer for this pop-punk record.

    22. เบียร์ บ้านต้น

      I like you very much. MGK. Although I am a Thai who does not listen to English. But I like your song a lot because it's very charming.

    23. Beat maker

      check this

    24. Ari Vogle

      Megan fox is old but gold

    25. Izawary Ibrahim

      being diss by eminem....change genre how smart

    26. Craig Tyrrell

      Ehmm... Corey Taylor can sing, rap, scream... I think Corey is the best sorry to tell yh

    27. Abu

      Lol wtf cringing hard with Meghan and Kelly

    28. JaiL

      hot feet

    29. Moncef Slim

      I thought you are rapper

    30. Bullet ant

      Kinda like early 2000s rock. Has he got any other songs like this cause I’ll defiantly give them a listen

    31. Gory

      Pause video at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> ur welcome

    32. joseph dixon

      Way better then ninja turtles. Their I said it. He saved her career of looking hot. 😂

    33. REBORNN.

      rate Nas-Made You Look (remix)

    34. Homeslicehero

      If I was 12 I might like this song But at 12 I was way into Korn. So probably not

    35. Amanuel Takele

      This is exactly what we nedeed Thanks man Lace up

    36. Soykan Soycan


      1. Sir Dimi


    37. Johny

      MGK rock star 😁👍💪☺️

    38. Vesperia

      Machine Gun Pop

    39. Boogie Funk Productions LLC

      Well at least he found something that Eminem isn't going to be able to beat him at.

    40. Melanie Spencer

      Garbage 🗑

    41. Faustino T

      Back to singing after being murdered by em. Bye Stan.

    42. Tessa Hedrick Check out the cover my friends did of this song!

    43. SmAsh RG 4WD

      MGK enjoyed playing Tommy Lee so much he's moved into rock music. I really dig this, got a very Blink 182 sound to it (yes I know Travis played drums on this)

    44. Ryan Murchake

      This song sounds like it should be on the intro for blue mountain state 🤣

    45. James Ridgeway


    46. ok_iamhere ok_iamhere

      megan fox's movie called "jennifer's body" that was 10 years ago and she still looks the same?

    47. Woodbreaker Productions

      What the fuck was that ? Early 2000's teenage emo pop. American Pie soundtrack ?

    48. Diego ZR

      Bro u rap really good but pls stay in this genre it sounds so sick!!!

    49. Connexxion Sl

      This is dump Eminem destroyed u .

    50. Atlas

      I think this kind of music is the best for MGK, he is perfect, nothing to say to him lika a repper, but this song, is perfect.

    51. Johnny Moniker

      When Eminem let's out a squeaker fart, his butt hole sound like MGK

    52. Reece Taylor

      Sorry but this lucky shits banged Grande, Sommer Ray and now Megan Fox

    53. FBI

      Beat part <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a>

    54. Roner Nougat

      What the fook a wanker/ trashbag like the first piece of bread from a loaf everyone touches it but no one wants it

    55. Jonas Pundzius

      Getting Aldous Snow and Infant Sorrow vibes here 😉

    56. wowaweewa

      Omg what a terrible song but I like the clip lol

    57. Mrs Max

      Русские тут ?

    58. petey plastic

      STAN MGK

    59. Coleman 175

      Anyone that's ever called MGK a mumble rapper I would suggest they listen to songs like this and a pretty toxic revolver

    60. Alex Gilmour

      Megan seems like she's having a lot of fun in this video. It's just the vibe I'm getting from her in this. She's glowing.

    61. Frank Jaimes Gomez

      dang em really did end your rap career

    62. Baker ,

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> mgk simpin

    63. Gabriella Herrera

      This song is just glorious and his sound like 2000's. 😍

    64. Luan de Wit

      Blink 182 style, love it

    65. DEZ KING

      Reminds me of good charlotte 😂😎🙌

    66. Tabby T.

      Hol up why he lookin good

    67. Sammitch

      это спин-офф Оффспринг?

    68. blacklevinae86


    69. David C

      I am digging this. Bring it back!

    70. Cameron Saylor

      Not bad. Catchy and totally influenced by early 2000's Blink 182.

    71. Lungai Panmei

      This song is on repeat mode🔥!!! Wat bout u guys?? 👍

    72. stephen armstrong

      Where's your brother logan Paul XD

    73. Mohammad Ibrahimi

      You asking someone to be your murder victim K? Your trippin

    74. Ian Alexander orzet

      Like si buscaste al actor de the dirt y ahora esta viendo esto

    75. Khumlo Zayn

      Megan fox?

    76. jonathan cadavid

      This is a song that sounds better when u replay it

    77. rhs010

      Love the new sound

    78. Mark Bolen

      Mark Bolen loves Jennifer Marcum

    79. Aleean Daze


    80. Jonsy Grizzly

      Why can’t people just accept his talent, instead of comparing him. Let the man create. Don’t shit on him for doing him.... I’m just saying...