Malik Monk Suspended Indefinitely Failed Drug Test! 2019-20 NBA Season

Chris Smoove

Chris Smoove

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    1. Jay Wav Music

      It won’t even matter bro they suspended the WHOLE NBA

    2. vLordzHaveMercy

      Doesn't matter the season been shut down

    3. Tyler Slayton

      I wonder if it were anything other than weed...

    4. Frozen Bean

      Let the players smoke weed already.

    5. realniga 301

      damm jordan gonna slap him again


      LOVE is A drug!!! Maybe that one..

    7. Justin Williams

      Why dnt we hear about superstars testing positive for PEDs? Is it because they aren't taking any and it's only the role players, or is the nba trying to control the narrative of who its stars are? In baseball and football, most of the players that was caught taking PEDs were superstars! Jose Canseco, george karl and others were right! I believe 90 percent of all professional athletes are taking something! Maybe the superstars have more money to mask it, or maybe the NBA doesn't want to look bad. I find it hard to believe that the role players are the ones doping and not the stars! Something isn't sitting right with me!

    8. Trevor Reed

      What's more important being a dope head or being a millionaire in the NBA? Apparently to some of these dudes being a dope head is

    9. Pradigy Musicman

      Hasnt been confirmed he failed a test but just that he wasnt in compliance which could mean he didnt follow the process correctly

    10. Matthew Wiley

      I remember my first beer

    11. Football For You

      Monk is my neighbor

    12. st1ckman 21

      “He’s gonna miss 25 games which is the rest of the season, DeAndre Ayton also got suspended 25 games earlier in the year for a drug violation” John Collins: “Am I a joke to you?”

    13. elevation

      Let the boys smoke cmon

    14. Klay Moore

      900k for drugs. Yeah youre smarter than the average bear malik monk

    15. IssacharWatchman

      After you retire you can smoke all you WANT. These guys should be investing not smoking. Cmon son

    16. K Williams

      Without pay and they won’t say what drug. It might be something serious.

    17. Fotosynthesis858

      “Smoke weed everyday” -Nate Dogg



    19. Travis D


    20. Jakob

      That’s a noob move

    21. Eye Of Agamotto

      Weeeed makes u better Drug Test: I don't think so

    22. Super terrific R

      Silly they don't say any details about Monk's suspension. What tested positive and not say the days of suspension?

    23. MaxShade18

      Lmfao no knicks hornets game title huh

    24. Dave Ridlespriger 2

      Shake up the dominoes

    25. Ignacio Rutabaga D.D.S.

      Was probably cocaine

    26. naturalfitness23

      What an idiot 🤦‍♂️

    27. Michael Baby

      The nba soft just let the grown man smoke or whatever is not bothering anyone they still go out and perform.

    28. Haassan1

      It was weed. Imagen smoking weed just for 1 time and getting suspended. Dat aint right.

      1. Noah Gracic

        Weed is a 3 week suspension

    29. ShadowCeltic

      *Monk walks in after suspension* MJ: 🖐 Monk: 👀!!!!


      Does he not know about using others pee

    31. TheRandomGuy

      All of em are juiced anyways..

    32. Goat1_Isaiah

      Create ur own content

    33. Black Ice

      Damn! Gotta be smarter than that.

    34. the uno god

      I bet Monk had to study for the drug test lmao.

    35. Salem Khoshiwal

      Hornets are shit

    36. Kris got it

      Da weeeed

    37. Itsahil

      That 1 Minute of Highlights Tho

    38. dread.

      obvious kind of. but malik that dude

    39. Black Blue

      Mj probablly slapped him on the back of the head again

    40. Ka Mo

      Well, who cares a player suspended from Charlotte

    41. Blaine Berger

      Nba players should be able to use cannabis without getting suspended. It’s a lot better than the opioids they are prescribed to take!

    42. Antwon Kole

      That’s lame asf

    43. Dane Lee

      NBA players are already genetic freaks, smh

    44. glarple

      Lebron James uses steroids.

    45. glarple

      Lebron James uses steroids.

    46. AkimboJonesx21

      If you pop that tylenol without league approval. You out!

    47. James Taylor

      Title change was a smoove move lol!

      1. Mont Henderson

        James Taylor what did the original title say?

    48. Callem Wave

      Boy who told yu to put dis wack ass rap at da end💀💀💀

    49. Collin Dowling

      Stay off the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeduhhh

    50. Jamal Daniel

      What he been taking ?

    51. Zack Wooden

      Give that guy a manual. What is he doing

    52. Mikel Jordin

      Malik Monk can’t catch a break

    53. Black Titan

      Hope it's not weed, how unfortunate

    54. Philly Jackson


    55. RASTA GOD

      They all do drugs. Especially playing for mj lame manager ass

    56. Christian Walker

      Rockets winning the chip

    57. Alvert Reyes

      I remember . . OJ Mayo's case

    58. TyJamar

      Monk failed the drug test that's some cheese.

    59. kallibaer32

      'I really could need some vacation'...*hits blunt*

    60. Htown Q

      MJ definitely slapped his head backwards 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    61. nimbuslion


    62. Bryan D.

      You you sleep?

    63. gDARIUSg


    64. Zorah Madara

      Dude was compared to a young Ray Allen. Now dude a bootleg Jr Smith

      1. sedohema

        Jr Smith is a bootleg Jr Smith

    65. Lilly

      I knew it seen some JR Smith in Malik Monk

      1. Codesensei 2001

        STANKPLUG I’m sleep.😂😂😂

    66. Anthony C

      I mean playing for the hornets would make anybody wanna do drugs 😭

      1. Elite_Dxnny YT


      2. djkeemo1

        #savage!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

      3. Gally

        Anthony C2 😭😂

    67. Alwin Uding

      How the hell can pro athletes be so stupid???🏀💉💊

    68. Haronn Punchh

      Scary Terry being scary

    69. Marvy_G

      To much Weeedddddd!!!

    70. Orlando griggs

      Stay of the damn druggggggss

    71. Zage13

      22 years of age drafted in 2017. Making Jordan look even more incompetent as a GM.

      1. WE OFFICIAL

        Zage13 19 when he was drafted what makes Jordan incompetent

      2. MagnificentFamily !

        Zage13 nah bru he is a grown man that’s has nothing to do with Jordan. Jordan don’t control what players put in there bodies as a GM💯.

    72. Tom Baxendale

      “They don’t need Monk, not for the Knicks” 💀💀

    73. tmilatos

      As if he's the only one using PED... Everybody else are just eating their wheaties and training... Right...

      1. Michael Mayers

        @jrock14w wade def not on it bron there is a chance but he always veen a man child. If anything thesebbn players are using it to recover from injury . These big names would want their names sfained espically since its getting easier to catch people every day cause they do random drg test

      2. Michael Mayers

        @tmilatos duhh but not everybody on them

      3. xdan9xx


      4. Ashton Trollor

        LeBron been on peds since Miami days

      5. Moses Ulai

        Lol jawline growth

    74. Tacko Fall


    75. ReQuxke

      HI CHRIS

    76. Eetz Quazura


    77. Survival


    78. Aries Anderson

      The fact he been going off for the past few games I’m not even surprised

      1. Ayo Dinero

        Lydell Thompson 😂

      2. Lydell Thompson

        Aye idk ma,them crackheads that be pullin up to the courts by my house been ballin out lately😂😂💀

      3. Malik monk

        Lol There's no drug that makes you better at basketball

      4. Pieter Ciere

        i think the nba tested him cuz of that but i don’t think that’s why he was going of lol

    79. RamenLover

      JR Smith sell it to him so he can join the hornets

    80. Lucho

      Use me as "The hornets are even worse now" button.