MUKBANG FOOD that has gone TOO FAR Part 4



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    MUKBANG FOOD that has gone TOO FAR Part 4! So this is an asmr eating show with a LOT of food! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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    1. SSSniperWolf

      Mr krabs is that u? 🥺

      1. God's Home Casami Foundation


      2. Tania Aranda

        Literally I saw this comment when u guys were reacting to her eating a crab.

      3. Rahim Harris

        Yes this is mr krabs do you have money

      4. Damnit Janet

        Damn my teeth hurt from watching her eat ice! Low key still wanna eat it

      5. Rose Philip


    2. De crazy Potato gang

      I'm crunchy 100%

    3. Mike H

      I Never haves a brain freeze

    4. aesthetically aesthetic •


    5. Rebecca Daniocek

      crunchy nuggets

    6. Sweetie B

      I like both soft and crunchy but if I had a choice is soft nuggets

    7. Kynlee Semeski

      5:32 she calling shakira

    8. Riana Ibtida

      How many times did she say Smash like!

    9. Eric Blake

      0:42 Where's she's at 🍆😲

    10. Meh Cuukies

      Please tell me that’s not what I think it I in the first one....

    11. leon evans

      Play roblox

    12. Mila_Potato

      Crunchy. Woman: This looks like actual chicken. SSSniperWolf: Did she just say actual chicken?!

    13. Leah Mcmanus


    14. iiiRevivəЯiii

      both I am grateful that I even get to eat the nugget so...

    15. Ricardo Cervantes

      Pita lol

    16. cory keller

      Yes to is

    17. cory keller


    18. Dennis Tureli


    19. Crystian Lubben

      yes but crunchy

    20. Madison McColley

      I choked on my bubble tea when I heard DigitalNex say "CALM DOWN!"

    21. Napatsorn (Natty) Apinuttabhumi


    22. C Gilman

      3:58 Why Is The Ice Cream That Color-It Might Just Be Me But It Kinda Looks Like Charcoal Toothpaste-

    23. C Gilman

      0:55-0:58 Literally Me Tho

    24. _0Fluffy_Emo_Furry0 _

      Honestly a middle ground with chicken nuggets

    25. Alexander Guzman

      I go cwunchy

    26. Puppy Plays Games


    27. noah gwapo

      This video make me hungry

    28. Sapna Fnu

      when nikocado avocado

    29. Sabrina Heaton


    30. Hong Na Ngo

      So dispointed when the girl use fork to eat chicken

    31. Aaliyah Lopez

      I like both

    32. itz.jayjay !


    33. my mail

      Yes please do the Mac as thing that would be SOME REAL GOOD CONTENT YASS THAT WOULD BE GOOOOD

    34. Ryotgurl

      Now playing: Who’s hungry (ft. I AM) 2:56 --------🔘--- 3:39

    35. Jacqueline Villanueva

      Me:eats two plates of panda express and gets skinny for no reason My brother:eats half and gets weight

    36. Javon Daniels

      Nice ice

    37. Keith Calhoun

      R.I.P Mr Krabs

    38. Phoenix Brothers


    39. •cutekookie•

      crunchy nugget! 🤤

    40. Daeyna Baker

      i like my chicken nuggets CRUNCHIE and a lilttle brunt

    41. lauren s


    42. Roni mohamad


    43. Maatkare S

      I’m a crunchy nuggets person

    44. asian price

      That honeycomb still had babies sniper wolf BABBIES😱 panic attack☠💩

    45. asian price

      LOL Asians watch video so she wants inhale their next video their mom drops them off at cosmic con then they stand out side then they inhale smh people u forgot your kurby costume crowd:ooooooooooooo

      1. asian price

        The ice cream

    46. Quess Eilish

      I loved the orange is the new black reference

    47. Shyann Standridge


    48. Shyann Standridge

      Too much Cheese makes you poop

    49. King Fred The guy


    50. savgeplays201 oof


    51. Olive Valdez


    52. Rose Kocak

      Soft chicken nuggets

    53. Serenity and Chloe And others

      Dont make fun of hunny bee):

    54. シGalaxy gacha

      Im a crunchey chiken nugget person

    55. Addison Sayers

      I’m a crispy nugget girl

    56. 84dcollins

      i watched that video before and those are eels

    57. alia dodge

      I was eating kreckles and turned this in /: *shivers*

    58. Erika Krust

      Mukbang:eating ice cream Me:gaging when I try to eat an inch of the ice cream

    59. Mya Simon

      C r a C K y v 🥰

      1. Mya Simon

        crunchy 🤤🥰

    60. Ofelia linton

      I’m crunchy chicken person