NBA's Best State Farm Assists from Week 7 | 2019-20 NBA Season


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    Check out the best assists from around the league in Week 7! Including dazzling passes from CJ Mccollum, Luka Doncic, and Trae Young!

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    1. SuperRip7

      On what difficulty ? 01-03-20.

    2. ScorpionMassive

      At 0:40, it should be in Shaqtin' A Fool. lol

    3. raja sekhar

      So many passes are copying from KING LEBRON

    4. Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

      I'm getting pissed off with the Hawks organization... they better do something to get Ice Trae some help or I'm going to lose my f'ing mind 😠😡😤 #icetraethegang ❄️ #keepthatsameeneegy 😎💪

    5. Deteromony 6:4

      Raleigh Simmons Coached bt Fred Tex Winters. At the time frame 0:39, the security officer interferes with the flow of the game and atmosphere. He places the NBA player at risk for injury here. Clearly, the Officer is out of control while The NBA player is doing what anyone of us would do if we shoot the last winning bucket. GET OFF THE FLOOR SECURITY GUARD UNTIL ITS ALL OVER.

    6. saeed senpai

      only clicked cuz IT is in the thumbnail lmao

    7. no working neet

      5:03 八村選手とアイザイア選手のプレー最高!!!

    8. Derrick Brady

      Lbj became the shoes

    9. moses jerico

      3:53 godlike pass

    10. Far Fever

      NBA is love

    11. Los Angeles Lakers

      I like how Schroeder got that cop lol

    12. Dead Ringer

      2:14 did you see how Butler didn't trust the three?

    13. Keir Stallworth

      Subscribe to my channel called The long shot destined for greatness 🔥🔥please and thank you

    14. Ryan Tsang

      IT 💚

    15. thebestaydan YT

      Chill Dennis 0:39

    16. Volo

      How are these people such good quarterbacks in the NBA?

    17. J Harriger

      Google Uyghers

    18. Gabrixx

      That's the behind the back season.

    19. Believe

      Zion WiLLIANS: Browns vs Pellicans? Será, Patrick MAHONES! ♥️😘

    20. Mike Jones Sr

      Isaiah thomas is my dad

    21. ryan damon


    22. Ron HD

      Let's go Isaiah Thomas

    23. Cláudio 77

      Fantastic, extraordinary. Thank you NBA !

    24. Phantomsquad54


    25. Jeffrey Panopio

      I'm NBA fan for life 💯❤

    26. Sopotastic YT魔

      0:39 lol

    27. Purple Talk

      Half of these were basic ass passes....

    28. Mike Jones Sr

      Trae young is better then me

    29. Whajurgbo

      Missing Rubio OT Pelicans assist

    30. Monika Shuler

      11th lets go

    31. Tyler Beehn

      Schroder shoves that security dude 🤣😂

      1. Jon Nolan

      2. Pearson Johnson

        He gave him a hug after tho

      3. Zack Fuleki

        Fat ass needs to stay in his lane. Man just hit a Hail-Mary buzzer beater lmao

    32. Poppy Rose

      No one: Commentators: AND SCORES!!!!! 😃🙂

    33. DENVER. YT

      Marooc bllz abonnè

    34. SharkTv Corfu

      Michael Jordan - The First point and the Last point in the NBA 🔥🔥

    35. Ayman Jedgane

      My dream is to become a player professionnel for NBA

    36. Ari Morris


    37. Melkin


    38. Brian Romero


    39. Pearson Johnson

      Steven Adams better get assist of the year 🔥

      1. Dj Zephyr

        "Hail Mary" assist of the year

      2. Jon Nolan

      3. Poppy Rose

        Pearson Johnson fax

    40. Oh yeah Yeah