NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | December 1, 2019



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    Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Dec. 1 featuring Alex Caruso, Luka Doncic, Paul George and more!
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    1. Adonis Top of Men

      fantastic …….

    2. Admiral NovaX

      That Eubanks dunk was 🔥 tho

    3. violetta channel

      TOP 10 Famous Moroccan Foods You Should Try

    4. Decay_ JPP

      Damn, that Orlando court and Jerseys are mint

    5. Natia Uglava

      Luka Robux ar igzavneba

    6. Noah abrahamsen

      Lately top ten has only been dunks, I want to see more three pointers and ankle breaks

    7. Guilherme Medeiros

      You guys are really Lebron bitches

    8. triomilan

      But Luka can't dunk..... #lukamagic

    9. MajaFiggaz

      "GOAT" has obviously made "Average" his Padawanmentator. Improve much, he has. Forward to his future, we look.

    10. Tristan Britt

      Did really care to watch these highlights after heard the commentator. Since it wasnt the GOAT

    11. JJ 5633

      No Kawhi dunk ?? No Luka step back 3 over LBJ ?? How u guys come out with this top 10 list? Lakers paid u guys with this list???

    12. LaggedOut BTW

      Where is Kristaps' 3, where he caught Anthony Davis

    13. Xinyu Zhang

      no kwahi?

    14. JP banger

      Title should be “Top 10 Dunks of the Night”

      1. Monsta Lova

        That didn't even include the best one?! Leonard posterized 3 wizards with a one hand dunk in the same game George did his dunk. WTF are they thinking with this highlight clip

    15. Manny Tiamzon

      If you don't like the Raptors, don't call this NBA Top 10. It is just YOUR top 10.

      1. Manny Tiamzon

        @Macabre Xyl On a night when the Raptors blew out the Jazz and Lebron lost, the Lakers get 4 out of the 10 highlights and the Raptors get 0 and this is not the first time.

      2. Macabre Xyl

        @Manny Tiamzon why doesn't the NBA like the raptors organization?

      3. Manny Tiamzon

        @Macabre Xyl It is the NBA channel not a private one so he reresents the NBA. It is well-known that the NBA does not like the Raptors.

      4. Macabre Xyl

        It is "his" top 10. It's his channel. He edits it

    16. Forgiven Sinner

      Good list, good calls.

    17. Mitzkal


    18. Joshua Bean

      Yo espn, the guy who is talking during this, fire him.

    19. King Tshilobo

      Spurs beat clippers just to lose to Pistons 🤦🏿‍♂️

      1. Macabre Xyl

        That's what happens when teams exert a lot of energy for 1 game (pop wanted to embarrass Kwahi)

    20. Guillermo González

      Not just the missing ones...but this order..... :/

    21. Brady Armstrong

      This music is fire

    22. BKnudsen5

      Nobody knows about it but Donovan Mitchell lowkey has the assist of the year and of course it’s not on here....

    23. Gidds Skidds

      Lot's of white dunks... thought we can't jump?

    24. Shadojoker

      This beat is UNDEFEATED wow

    25. Snd Dong

      Wow nice moves!!!

    26. grace ladman

      you never include the raptors just because there Canadian doesn't mean there bad

    27. Nick Herrera

      Luka betta den bron

    28. Nick Herrera

      Lowkey was waiting for da Luka step back on bron 👀

    29. Jordan AI

      Top 10 plays be like: 8 bench highlights and 2 Lebron/Luka/Giannis

    30. John Hill-Rudzik

      No Raptors in the top 10, they spanked the Utah Jazz in the first half, 77 to 37. You show the Lakers, 4 times..... what a farce!

    31. AM - 06CG - Alloa PS (1457)

      You know the raptors vs jazz game was incredible and had plays worth mentioning on this right

    32. Tommaso mambrelli

      luka 3 point vs lebron?

    33. Rudie Obias

      I'm digging those new Orlando Magic colors! Looks like the Phoenix Suns of the East!

    34. 蕎麦ちゃん

      I gonna dislike because no kawhi

    35. Anthony

      Them magic jerseys were heat

    36. MVRC Saucyy

      No fred vanvleet aley opp , kawhi dunking on 2 wizards , lukas dagger step back but you get a bench guy dunking wide open 💀💀 crazy world we live in

    37. Repforthe Motor city

      Woods should be 1.

    38. Soul The Soul Show DFS Fantasy predictions 🧩💪💵

    39. Mats Eigel

      Where is Lukas Lefuckyou 3 in brons face?

    40. wrightterence680

      I like the Mavs & Magic alternate unis