NORA OR ANNA? 2 TYPES OF GIRLS || Your choice by 5-Minute FUN

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    Lisa or Lena? Not interesting anymore. NORA OR ANNA, that's the real choice!
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    There are 2 types of girls. Which one is yours? Make your choice:
    00:02 Hills or sneakers
    00:09 Late to work or not
    00:25 Full skincare or forget to remove your make up
    00:42 Put Christmas decorations or not?
    0:56 Organized or messy?
    1:18 Pleasant morning routine or just waking up?
    1:32 In a relationships or #foreveralone
    1:47 Introvert at the party or social
    2:05 Stay late or leave early
    2:11 Black coffee or white coffee
    2:26 Books or movies
    2:47 Sport or laziness
    3:00 Salad or burger
    3:17 Perfect eye line or smoky eyes
    SO? Anna or Nora? Make your choice in the comment?
    #types #girls #fun
    Fun videos and relatable facts about life, family, girls, and boys and simply everything. Things that everyone feels, but hardly talk about. Stay tuned - you will definitely enjoy the comedy!

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    1. 5-Minute FUN

      So... Anna or Nora? Make your choice!

      1. Random Tech

        Anna btw 500st comment

      2. Seshraj Shrestha


      3. Pawani Chandra


      4. Jashim Uddin


      5. Martina Vrbanec


    2. Adi INFINITE


    3. Pratyusha Tarafdar

      Forever alone

      1. Pratyusha Tarafdar

        Book will be alone at all bick ack bhrook

    4. Patrizia Tirozzi

      A chi io mi chiamo anna

    5. Aneela Shenali

      Can I know Anna's real name

    6. O. S. B. Kumarasiri

      If you like Nora Give a like

    7. O. S. B. Kumarasiri

      If you like Anna comment "I love ANNA"

    8. O. S. B. Kumarasiri

      I like Anna

    9. Sarolta Martin


    10. neha kumari

      I like Anna.

    11. Mai Hoang

      They both funny and pretty! I like both of them

    12. Eudi Siqueira


    13. Valentin Tuku

      Like Ana Coment nora

    14. jeon jungkook

      I think AANA🤩

    15. Shashidhara M.N


    16. Kulwinder Kaur

      I m mix of them...........................

    17. Dr masud hossain Khan

      I love you Anna

    18. Oishi Shite


    19. jeba jayakumar

      I like Anna... She is so cute....

    20. Sk Channel


    21. LakhveeR Singh


    22. Ranji Dalugama

      Who likes Anna - like Who like nora- comments

    23. RD Sang Leiri


    24. iffat parveen


    25. adlan alan


    26. Dudakovic Elvisa


    27. farhana Any


    28. Vaibhav Nishad

      Dono sahi hai vase

    29. SuPerStAr JEnnY CrAFt

      *Miss or chess anna is the best*

    30. Abhijeet Jadhav

      movie-like book-comment

    31. Abhijeet Jadhav

      nora-like anna-comment

    32. Mudasser Warraich


    33. Norazleeya Azlan


    34. jduncan111

      Nora is like

    35. Ghita Kahlid

      nora is better than anna

    36. Pawel Janicki

      Anna because I am seriously her its my name!!

    37. charlene clarke


    38. viola Fiasconi


    39. Timari Stokes

      Sksksksk Nora

    40. Lara Daher