Parkour Experts Try to Keep Up With Gymnasts | SELF



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    You've seen gymnasts try their hand at parkour, well what about the other way around? We challenged a group of traceurs to try to keep up with some gymnasts! These athletes take the ultimate test and see if their endurance and strength are enough to keep up!

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    Parkour Experts Try to Keep Up With Gymnasts | SELF

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    1. SELF

      We hear that you want to see snowboarders try to keep up with surfers, and we'll see what we can cook up in the coming months! Up next though? Figure skaters and... can you guess?

      1. Kouri Flute Academy

        SELF, ice hockey player?

      2. MysticalFG

        Pull a Syke and do figure skaters and speed skaters, god knows I don't properly know how to move in figure skates after speed skating my whole life 😂😂

      3. Eryn Gruber

        figure skaters and hockey players? idk

      4. nope jhonson

        baby powder has asbestos in it

      5. alibaba pirce

        7:58 like for naruto run

    2. Givin Natanlie

      9:39 Their form is a little different.. Naruto runs

    3. Valeria Leon

      I have friends that go to Rutgers

    4. Luiza Sampaio

      they were so graceful and sweet

    5. Duncan lance oliver

      everyone misses a big failing of this in no area of life other then in a world of gym is gymnastics skill ever in any need parkour more so other then for a form of excerise gymnastic is a useless job if your getting paid to do it and you doing it isnt in any way helping other i honestly find you to be a boring waste of space infact most everything to do with sports isnt improving as we get along in time its just the gear used is getting better but the skills not at all we know most everything gymnastics can teach mankind i feel money could be spent in other areas of life

    6. Amirul Amin

      Wow.. how greatest parkour crew vs gymnastics. And also honored between 2 different kind of sport. But as we know. Gymnastics is about precise,perfect,pain. While parkour is comfort,raw,effort,will(crew) hehehehe.. best of all

    7. Burn With Fire

      *Damien Walters would like to know your location*

    8. c. vin

      The woman with the afro hair has such beautiful skin like omg!!!!!

    9. JMR

      Bro they trained parkour for 10 years and don't even master a Frontflip?! Every parkour kid unlocks dub backflips in 2 or 3 years

    10. Sini Blues

      They're all so ready to go and try something they've never done which is really cool and honestly makes me so happy to see :)

    11. MaiCohWolf

      7:56 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the next Hokage!

    12. idk idk

      I think it's important to remember that they are doing all of this literally for the first time in their lives and in front of millions of people. Given that, I think they did great.

    13. Olivia Smith

      the music on the beam was sending me lmao

    14. Why Name?

      4:50 Truly graceful.

    15. Keri Harguess

      Girl has been doing gymnastics for fifteen years and does flyaway on the bars. These guys do the uneven bars for one day and do flyaways on their first try 😁👏🏼

    16. d3itchd

      Okay now do the opposite

    17. Jenna Gilmore

      I can hear my old coach yelling “pointed toes!” And “Chest UP!” And all that fun jazz 😂

    18. Maniac Mog

      @10:58 praise the sun

    19. Dalfonzo100

      Arrruyoooo? A rau jo! no aruuuuyo

    20. Etienne Forget

      ftm trying to act like mtf... a other day in transland Orange 33 👍

    21. Echo Juliet

      you should try sepak takraw vs volleyball

    22. poppa bLaZe

      That 3rd chick doing the balance beams was super hot

    23. -SunFlower-

      A front handspring should be at handstand at on point tho lol 8:24

    24. Jigsaw

      7:58 Naruto?

    25. Stephania Sayler

      Because if gymnasts tried parkour they would be hospitalized

    26. small luigi

      mike looks like a property brother

    27. Forlorn Dream

      male gymnast would have been more terrifying... they are inhumanly good at body movement

    28. V Villanueva

      mike is such a cool dude, he's just so enthusiastic about trying things

    29. moltenbullet

      Ballet vs Hip hop!

    30. Tuxedo Cat

      Surprised only one has a strong core. More Pilates boys.

    31. Carolynn Markey

      I love the guy who runs with naturo arms

    32. lucaboden

      I think men should compete with the women in gymnastics in the same events

    33. sand bach

      That was the cutest thing I ever seen:}

    34. Autumn Moon

      Lol maybe they should’ve had a male gymnast in there with them, lol!

    35. Tagataro Lian

      My name is no, my number is no

    36. lisa

      Strange choice in choosing all women gymnasts and all male parkour experts. It kind of reinforces the stereotypical gendering when it's completely unnecessary.. would have appreciated a mix of genders for both groups.

    37. T-Man

      Should have been trickers and gymnasts.

    38. Katheryn Knowles

      hands down...the beam was the best part.

    39. Laurens Woltermann

      Battle of the sexes. Good luck with this nonsense.

    40. and then, eat.

      Mike got that CABOOSE

    41. Active English Le Creusot

      Experts or beginners?!

    42. globenstine 1

      the two arent that comparable. gymnastics is more about appearance where as parkour is about efficiency.

    43. Tamaki Amajiki

      11:44 I was like, wow that woman has such pretty legs, then I noticed it belonged to the man. Wow that man has such pretty legs!

    44. Gustavo Mora

      15 years practicing parkour and they move like newbies...

    45. JJ's Musings

      The girls all have good form and it shows in their elegant and well built bodies.

    46. Pascal Jacobs

      Why are 3 out of 4 things they're getting them to do exclusively performed by women? Surely a better test is what male gymnasts do?

    47. I Sbammo I

      yooooo, this takes me WAY back! xD I did gymnastics when I was little and I'm having flashbacks. Wonder if that's a classic routine for beginners (the beam) cause I remember being taught those moves first. I loved bars and floor, I wanna do gymnastics again. The trampoline stuff was really fun too, for tumbling and the runway into the foam pit.

    48. Hiryuu Sanzo

      These boys trying out is just so cute! Especially the beam part! The way they tried it is really cute and amazing!

    49. Bradley Whittington

      Why would they not have them with other male gymnasts? Considering male gymnasts have an entirely different set of equipment and events, the comparison would make a lot more sense.

    50. Czaró

      7:57 my boi naruto running

    51. Evan Hodgson

      It would have been way better if they actually did MAG stuff rather than the WAG stuff

    52. Sepulcher Gaming

      It should’ve been the other way around

    53. Elefante Verde

      Why just female gymnastics and parkour men?

    54. Cold Play

      They are not even similar things

    55. Cristinn16

      9:38 jejejeje :p me dio risa como corre en ese momento.

    56. Julia Mallory

      That one guy doing a switch leap

    57. Dan F

      Shouldn't it be the other way around? I mean parkour is far more dangerous and difficult.

    58. Simone Moses

      Parkour works heavily off of body mechanics, i.e. generating enough momentum to carry you through and obstacle course. For the most part great gymnastic players fight a majority of thier momentum choosing controlled movement over the more organic movements of parkour people (? Whatever they are called) both are graceful and smooth but for different reasons

    59. Даниил Прохоров

      Понабрали непонятно кого! И с той и из другой стороны

    60. Bon voyage

      I love this