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    1. Mcd Free

      My recomm R weird....... _I LIKE IT_

    2. Eric Xie

      This is like crisis on infinite earth crossover

    3. Andre Hernandez

      Can you do a video on when you got your first phone I would love to hear it thanks domics love your videos

    4. Ethan Boyapati

      What’s your guys favorite anime

    5. TinmAnOfOz 08

      I think domics should make a music video

    6. ZZeto


    7. ZZeto

      MORE UPLOADS !!!!

    8. Jay

      dom is just getting more and more unhinged

    9. Jerem

      who is 'she'

    10. ToloTwin

      Loved this!

    11. Karina Bantug

      what happens when someone eats bread and pb THENNN eats a scoop of jelly 🤔🤔🤔

    12. Teragram38 Crows

      The soda and mentos thing, I did that in 8th grade by accident. I had swallowed a mentos and drank a diet coke right after. The foam came up and I started to gag a little bit in front of my teacher and classmates. The irony was it was an introduction to chemistry class. I started my school year as the kid with rabies. Good times lol.

    13. D4RK VOY4G3R

      If it’s 1 slice of bread then it’s a bread plate duuhhhh

    14. Mackan J

      What do you think about the mandalorian

    15. Diana Kiesser


    16. Xieo TV 2


    17. Hammad Zulfiqar

      Instead of learing I'm watching three adult people having a argument about PB&J

    18. Lucia Weasley

      I never laughed so hard

    19. Jacob Seder

      I GOT You... Next hypothetical What if every food tasted the same?

    20. Lady Vertical

      That's not a sandwich! XD

    21. Random Human

      Laughed way too hard at a completely pointless conversation. 😂😂😂

    22. Eugav Magus

      Okay... But what if you eat the sandwich where the fillings are outside?

    23. huguhuh g

      When the peanut butter and the jelly are in the bread together it creates the pbj flavour as the peanut butter and the jelly mix together!!! 😂😂

    24. black demon

      wtf ?? is this something you talking about everyday??

    25. black demon

      if you eat the cornflakes and then you drink milk you're eat snack with a drink :) soooo this is not a breakfast

    26. Sapphire Blue

      *Nakaka tuleg*

    27. Rebouças

      Sorry my english no só good

    28. John Lewis

      (Has bowl of cereal) (Pours milk) Ok, what is this?

    29. Oliver Principe

      Hey can you make a video that you speak tagalog from start to end and make a story about it when how you learn tagalog PLEASE

    30. Galactic Heart

      This is the type of conversation my brother and I always have.

    31. Jahzara Alonzo-Beza

      it said ‘filling *between* the two pieces of bread’ so if its separate its not actually a sandwich

    32. SUPREME Weeder Snoke

      This video gives me anxiety cus I eat a loaf of bread with fried eggs, while another is smeared with honey

    33. Aarav Rahtole

      preparing meal and preparing sandwich is all about the taste, and I think she would have very intense pb taste at first and when she ates Jelly she would have a mixed taste and then the taste wiuld slowly turns into jelly taste, but if we ate it luke everyone does, they would have a mixed taste at any point. She may like intense taste of separate thing.

    34. Sally Rose

      When a conversation goes deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole 😂

    35. Sleepydinos

      Sword Art online

    36. Super Saiyan Swagger

      For any one going to put a dumbass comment here *No👏One👏Cares👏When👏You👏Watch👏A👏Video👏*

    37. Abdullah Zharif

      The weirdest conversation ever

    38. scorpion zero


    39. Hector Meza

      Funny good job

    40. Bacon Pancakes

      PB then J