Reacting to YouTube Rewind 2019..



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    1. • DeadLockIndo •

      Did just garena free fire was in youtube rewind? Because Dan very confuse

    2. Random Person

      Dan you probably got minecraft a lot of those views

    3. ツhismallworld

      LTsel Rewind 2019: no budget rewind

    4. Keyser Reyes

      Dan top 10 in youtube

    5. Mr Gamer

      Do fortnite videos

    6. rattboy11

      Right now it’s 8mill dislikes

    7. samantha cotham

      7:40 yes i knew minecraft was the best

    8. Khairul Elman Syah KN

      7:23 plz play roblx

    9. Un Ka Wai

      10:51 Someone DABBED

    10. TheMemeKing

      Anyone else notice he skipped number 9 on most watched?

    11. xXduck gangXx

      James was just nice so he could steal you from jemma

    12. Rajesh Patel

      Pls play more Roblox again they changed everything and added shaders

    13. simplismente jogando

      felipe neto is from brazil

    14. Buster The train spotter


    15. Jacob dude

      Dantdm sad cuz he did not see his name there

    16. xDJandeeFox EnderGaming

      DanTDM : I think were missing something Viewers : WHERE THE HELL IS LAAVADO SWITCH IT UP?

    17. Edwin King

      I'm surprised PewDiePie has a wife Very surprised

    18. rightless woman


    19. DD X 401

      I’m for the past

    20. Quinn Shortland

      Dantdm why did you stop playing roblox?

    21. Abigail Maclellan

      sooo funny

    22. wesley menezes


    23. Anis Anastasia


    24. Bryan Karlsson

      Vietnam will have the next popular LTselr, and it's going to be me. Because I'm Vietnamese!!!!

    25. Optic Pantheon

      Only a little bit off the most amount than fortuite only 20 billion definitly not more that 2x the world

    26. Elissar Hallak

      The backround music is from Naruto

    27. Elijah Harewood

      someone dabbed... DAB POLICE

    28. Nicole Velasco

      7:40 let's go Minecraft let's go!!!!! :3 😁😀😃😄Minecraft is the best games ever!!!You don't have much limits and to add to the beauty and fun, there are mods and texture packs with shaders! I absolutely love 😍😻❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💟💟Minecraft

    29. CD Animations

      Do you see Jason 9:26

    30. Larry Singh

      8:43 *cricket sports joined the chat*

    31. Jamie Camero

      Minecraft is better than fortnite you can hate but you know I’m right

    32. #EditingForLife

      I’m glad that Minecraft wasn’t in the worst LTsel Rewind ~2018 duhh

    33. Elena Salinas

      I'm surprised Dan isn't in there.

    34. Mr. Man

      Yes, one of the themes from Naruto is in the backround

    35. Rosie The rabbit tamer

      Last years rewind was good to me if u disagree I don’t care

    36. Royland Corcega

      Get destroyed ROBLOX!!!

      1. Royland Corcega

        I fill sad Roblox lose but Dan is happy I'm happy too

      2. Royland Corcega


    37. PurpleOctopus56

      Bruh, Old Town Road was #1 on Apple Music

    38. PurpleOctopus56

      *GUYS !* when he said they censored it he was talking about the bit in the music right before it ! He's not dumb

    39. Ahamed Mushfiquddin

      c'mon dan we saw ur face when u saw lazerbeam. U were jealous because both of u have similar channels and he has more views than u. lol

    40. Mishon 1234

      Wait so every other genre listed the LTselrs but the gaming section only has the games?? I sense FAVOURITISM!!!!!!

    41. SunnyD2011

      I so mad that *DAN WASN’T IN THIS*

    42. Pervy Sage

      i love how the background songs of Dan’s videos is the Naruto soundtrack.

    43. TinCanManplays

      maybe we should get dantdm in rewind 2020

    44. Hulkamazing

      You should've reacted to Pewd's rewind it was better

    45. Sub Zero

      Enes bature copied pewdiepie and sent fake copy right strikes and terminated some people

    46. -MythikGamez-

      They said Minecraft sucked We suffered BUT NOW WE’RE BACK BABY ESKETIT sorry lil pump ur not big anymore

    47. Z K

      I love fortnite

    48. Denis Calin

      This rewind is good

    49. Mr Vex

      Still the most disliked video

    50. Lil Cauillou

      This was waaaaaaay better than last year

    51. Pinkpanda Sweetie

      DanTDM I was shook when Minecraft became the most viewed I love you Minecraft I played for so long I really hope Minecraft in 2020 rewind depends what they going to do in 2020 rewind

    52. synSe Slayer

      Just a watch mojo statistic vid disappointment

    53. Salma Siraj Year 8

      I can see dan holding back his tears cause he wants to be in that video 😂JK

    54. Wrecker

      It's surprising you dint come in rewind

    55. anna drzewinski

      Dan my sister watch’s pencilmation every day

    56. buffcraft

      Please do a shoutout to binxcraft

    57. poofy 139

      7:41 yassssssss minecraft better

    58. Mumtha Singh

      👋 dan

    59. Cheeseball The great

      I just want to say dan that I’ve been watching you for years and you always make me happy thank you

    60. Tay Prinke

      one thing they missed where da fawk is dantdm mah boih