Russell Westbrook drops season-high 45 points for Rockets vs. Timberwolves | 2019-20 NBA Highlights


254tūkst. peržiūros47

    Russell Westbrook tallies 45 points, 10 assists and six rebounds to lead the Houston Rockets to a 131-124 road victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Westbrook records his eighth career game with at least 45 points, 10 assists and five rebounds, tying the NBA record held by Oscar Robertson and teammate James Harden.
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    1. MR Z

      This is mamba mentality ladies and gentlemen you’re witnessing MVP Westbrook 🐐🐐

    2. Throw Congress Overboard

      Now Covington is on Houston

    3. Leauma Alefosio

      My favorite player now!

    4. Mario Win


    5. Jervis mabangis


    6. Justin Pattinson

      He got more savage without any attempts for 3

    7. TOO Sweet

      A JOY TO WATCH !!

    8. Frederik V.

      Don't know what you guys think but I see the Mamba mentality more and more...the passion, tenacity,...


      And 1!!!!

    10. J Lux

      I feel like Russell Westbrook would be an amazing 6th man, who plays solid minutes but less than what he gets now (maybe 25-33) to provide a boost of offense and defense off the bench, and you can have him close depending on the team you're playing. Having him fill this role and be that X factor type player would be more beneficial. Hes also a machine with a lot of stamina, so having him fresh off the bench and playing less minutes would probably make him more explosive and effective during the minutes hes on the floor.

    11. James Chiang

      Better than Harden obviously

    12. dani ramkhelawan

      Yeah dame can shoot, but he will never be such an incredible athlete as russ

    13. aqua wil

      Russ is just so cold my idol the way he approaches the game is how I want to approach life same with Kobe

      1. aqua wil

        Basically they just inspire me heavy

    14. Mc Dippin Sauce

      Russ (untouched half court shot): “AND 1!!!!!!!!!!”

    15. CDXXi

      AND 1

    16. Snowman


    17. Marky Duquez

      My idol westbrock

    18. Twenty FoShiii

      Favorite player in the NBA , future 🐐

    19. Ballin Like Curry

      What shoes is he wearing?

    20. 202eyeballing

      I know Rus be getting under players skin yelling out And 1 then rocking the baby all while giving you a death stare as he mugs them with tose little beedy eyes ! Lol

    21. Ryan Tsang

      Who’s Russ talking to at the end of the game?

    22. Clayton Matumbela

      James Harden?

    23. CaRoLiNa BoY

      This the most i ever seen westbrook with the ball at Houston

    24. チョスティ

      I like 3Pshooter RW.

    25. 葉衿瑔


    26. Video Legend

      2016 Westbrook 😁

    27. Michael Davis

      Not many can score over 40 and still have 10 assist. I wonder how many Harden has ever done.

    28. 安栋

      so fast

    29. Matthew Silva

      I think that you are failing to recognize his style of play is not conducive to winning in a 7 game series. His stats are whatever compared to a real nba champ

      1. Diego Velazquez

        Matthew Silva Dont even get me started on how he’s a nightmare in the post .

      2. Diego Velazquez

        Matthew Silva He’s an all round point with elite playmaking, rebounding , athleticism and finishing. That’s well above a champion-level point guard. Now he has spacing so he can drive to the paint at his leisure.

    30. JBHIFI08

      Russell Westbrook, OMG. You r soo good

    31. Grady McKinney

      Russ looking too explosive for them boys

    32. Anthony Huynh

      How many and1 did Russ shout😂

    33. The real Mvp

      What? Y’all ni$$as Tripping I’m out 🤟🏾

    34. Abhi Pokhrel

      he said "ketchup and mustard" jerseys im dead LOL

    35. legendary collection

      CMIIW. Are Westbrook are going to better than harden? For some reason why like harden to overated now.

    36. David Pantig Fly HiGH


    37. Jakobi

      his strength is his mid range and attacking the rim...there's no reason for him to shoot that many 3s

    38. Poetry Rhymez

      Westbrook way better than Harden... Harden is pure GARBAGE

    39. As we Go Round

      Spacious Russ!

    40. As we Go Round

      West proves he's oscar like!

    41. As we Go Round

      The oscar goes to The west !

    42. As we Go Round

      Triple Russ!

    43. GoldenFlower

      You can't buy heart.

    44. yellow mamba

      James harden is overrated

    45. Micah Brown

      Russell carries Harden again.

    46. 773 ohh

      Westbrook reminds me of an explosive kevin Johnson. Dude is phenomenal.

    47. As we Go Round

      The Russ In Air Show!

    48. As we Go Round

      The Western Heir!

    49. As we Go Round

      Minnesota must have been cold because the west brought that heat !

    50. As we Go Round

      Russels High Time!

    51. As we Go Round

      Jordan West like!

    52. As we Go Round

      Nature oF Russ!

    53. Benjamin Baron

      He didn't get a triple double do

    54. Slimm513

      He’s unstoppable when he attacks

    55. J Rol

      Westbrook make less 3s because he can't shoot'em without misses.

    56. gc

      Westbrook voice "AND OOOOOONE ” @3:44

    57. Kenneth Graham

      What even is good defense anymore

    58. Black Hova

      Westbrook shoots free throw 🏀 Westbrook: AND 1

    59. Timothy Puvogel

      Ball hog.. I was a supersonic fan and Kevin Durant fan but I've always hated Russell Westbrook he is a ball hog I know Durant was kind of but wet Westbrook was always about scoring not passing the ball. But he also wanted the triple doubles. Good video ESPN I gave it a thumbs down because the person

      1. Alexander Sheffield

        He literally had 10 assists. What are you even on about?

    60. Thomas Roberts

      Russell Westbrook is slowing but surely going to be the face of Houston if he has not already taken over the town. I know it's a Harden town but man when you play with heart you can take over anything in life.