Russell Westbrook postgame interview | Rockets vs Grizzlies

MLG Highlights

MLG Highlights

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    1. lucentik

      Do you Play Nba2k20? I recommend using this if you need VC: its so nice that it exists in 2020.

    2. Jewlz Santana

      Morat trying to start problems because they beat the breaks of them. Gtfoh Harden Westbrook one mission

      1. SlimDaKidd

        How was he tryna start problems lol he gave Russ props??? 🤨🤨

    3. TheSouthLondonRealist

      Best postgame interviewee ever lol

    4. CP_FPV

      Good interview but Shite Audio. What the heck

    5. Ziare william

      Dan toni made some corrections that go un notice. First he moved Westbrook over two his natural position at the 2 Second he has two American born players two as the head unlike Steve Nash a dam foreign. BASketball is an American born sport. You it makes logical sense to build your franchise around American born players and not foreigners. The sixers flaw is the same as Phoenix flaw in the early dan toni era. He constructed his team around a foreign player and got his as kicked by the spurs. Tim Duncan and akeem the dream are two players in the top 10 all time who are foreign and the rest are American born players. In conclusion foreign players have lots of talent. Their good to have on your team. But you should never built your team around foreign players. You need an American born player. To be more specific you need a hood grown brotha. Real talk

      1. Jewlz Santana

        You sound white trying to start problems In the world. People like you deserve to get there ass whopped. Come to Houston with that shit we will be Glady to sever you and shut your dumbass mouth up. Just saying like if you agree

    6. Ziare william

      His game us dis respected. He plays hard every game, rarely hurt unlike those two foreign bums on the sixers Embiid and Simmons. Westbrook plays like he wants to rip your head off. Which goes into my point. Dan toni system failed in Phoenix because he made a fundamental flaw that the sixers are making now. He constructed the team around steve Nash a foreign player. Steve Nash put up great numbers. Fantastic numbers. But still didn't win a championship. Teams with foreign players as your head and franchise players have a very low success rate in winning a NBA championship. Look at the top 10 players of all time. How many of them are foreign vs american born?

      1. Noah Mills

        Ziare william look at giannis bro that’s only because the nba has only been in America for a while and is now slowly expanding to other foreign places

      2. Ryan

        Ziare william literally the stupidest argument ive ever seen.

    7. Wizz Fizz

      Jazz vs Celtics?

    8. Adam Nehal


      1. SlimDaKidd

        Huge lie

    9. Kawhi the terminator Leonard

      Russ has been improving since he changed his play style

    10. A. Lav

      "Did you guys win by 28 points, or did the Grizzles lose by 28?"

      1. htxtexans 713

        @Russell Westbrook 😂😂😂

      2. Will Northern

        @Russell Westbrook 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      3. bp

        Basically translates to 'did the Rockets play well or did the Grizzlies play bad?'

      4. Russell Westbrook

        Y'all niggas trippin'

      5. UD WX

        WHAAAAAAAAT?!?! Bro what are you talking about man?

    11. Giorgos Xaxiaris

      Good execution

    12. Antonio Venegas

      Russ funny af!