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    A very romantic video. Send this to your crush, it works all the time. 420% success rate.
    Do it now. and SLAP like too.

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    1. Davie504


      1. JOSEF BORG

        @Subscribe To me For no Reason ❶ That was his secret plan... to scoop up all the girls in one holiday! LOL

      2. Travis Limers

        Didnt send it

      3. Beat T-Series With One Video Challenge

        Anyone else think he actually could sing really well if he wasn't memeing?

      4. North Eastern Dragger

        I'm actually practicing on bass

      5. Dat wholesome Gurl UwU


    2. Torpedo_R8

      I feel bad for the people who sent this to their crush seriously 😐

    3. CxldBlyx

      hes close to 6 million.

    4. Pedram Delvari

      You'r still a noob man. Don't pretend to be a pro plz.


      Gosh! Spg na nakakatawa🤣

    6. yeah yeah

      No one : Davie : E + S = 69 guys

    7. chaeyoung

      Wait, I am 15...

    8. santa yum my

      i guess he got his house back

    9. It's Alex _102

      I slapped my bass to play this song and my g string broke and now i cant slap my bass🎸😭

    10. UnicornBoomMc

      can we get a davie504 electro boom collab

    11. ratha sum

      can i have ❤️ button for this video please

    12. Kriss Vector

      Davie504 sing reveal

    13. Aurele Martin

      What’s the song name ?

    14. Tereza Kovaříková

      Simply epic

    15. Risky

      I like this girl and she said she wants to move out of the city and i want to let her know how i feel about her so when my mom gives me her phone to use im sending this video to her instead of telling her she need god in her life (my dad told me that), i will tell her how i feel for her. Thanks Davie even if i get rejected i will still thank you with all of my heart. You made me want to start playing B A S S.

    16. Nelz Zons

      S-is for your smile i like to see E-is for this epic song ill sing N-is very very nice and necessary D-my d is really hard and long so i really hope you like this song N-Because n when i see bASs Nice U-are the only one i date D-stand for dont reject me E-and S-stand for 69 Bass solo ting ting dinggg dinggg my pp i dont remember

    17. Alexx Mircea


    18. Puppetmania Thistle

      How calloused are ur fingers

    19. It'z Rosie

      I wish I could lol xd

    20. Ryan Manansala

      Noods noods noods

    21. Julian Alberto Canche Dzib

      jajajaj flipe jajaja

    22. Lara Luisa

      oh man you blink 8 times

    23. Imsonion

      nobody: frog: 0:41

    24. lyn villafuerte

      davie smoll PP and that D is smoll

    25. JoakoTulón

      send bASS

    26. Rey Blohsh

      this man is so wholesome

    27. Jotaro

      Becuz BASS

    28. Golden ゴールデン


    29. Polat Jumadurdyyev

      Italian meme speaker))))

    30. Mfrji

      I sent this to my crush

    31. CODgamer

      Let me see that B-Ass

    32. Marcos Vitorino

      Ele ate parece brasileiro kkj

    33. Ilegalaxi Ilegalaxo

      0:40 is definitely my favorite part

    34. el eototi

      Epic xd

    35. TehKawaiiNoob


    36. Tommy from Wii Sports resort

      He gives me sick Seth everman vibes

    37. Luna X

      I sent this to my crush and told him to send this to his crush. He sent it to his crush and they spent Valentine's day together. :D

    38. MuteyX

      *s* *l* *a* *p* *p*

    39. Raccoon Peddler

      i sent this to my crush... she called the police

    40. stickmasterluke best fan :D

      i wanna smell the paper with the letter D


      This made my pee pee hard thanks pal

    42. Anne Syafiqa

      my boyfriend sent me this . baby gender reveal at 0 likes

      1. Anne Syafiqa

        Mr Poyo facts

      2. Mr Poyo

        Checkmate Anne, now your baby doesn't have genders anymore

    43. Wavvy_ Mag

      Send Bass

    44. BEANOS


    45. Djordje XO

      Very impressive, but can you play a 9 string bass in S E N D N U D E S tuning

    46. Mr. Dot


    47. ryan ryan

      I miss the positife davie he always smile sends me good vibes now hi doesn’t smile no more

    48. Moflyi

      Blinked 9 times

    49. KoolKat

      It didnt work im suing for 69$

    50. IAN LEE (Student)

      Davie- SLAAP LIKE "Sings Song" Me- SLAPPS FACE

    51. Mrs. Ramen

      Who else got sent this?

    52. claudio herrera

      You blink 8 times

    53. James Gannon

      It didn't work but thanks for trying Davie

    54. 12D3

      Davie: “send this to your crush” Me: sends to Davie 🥺_(:3 」∠)_

    55. ERMIA OMG 77

      I subscribed on 2 different account s

    56. BRIAL HPAA

      I sent this to my crush and I’m waiting on a response. I’ll keep you posted

    57. BRIAL HPAA

      The dislikes are from people who are gonna die alone

    58. Adeilson Junior

      Me ajuda neh poxa

    59. Adeilson Junior

      Não exagera Man=(