Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Unboxing - The Confusing Truth.


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    Unboxing and first Review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Foldable Smartphone, taking a look at camera, battery, and specs! Giveaway link:
    Credits to Tim Schofield, Marques Brownlee, CNET, Business insider and Samsung, for some of the clips used here!
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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Couple of things: -Yes, I call it "Zed Flip". Zed is how people in the UK pronounce Z -If you can stick around to the end on this one, that would be amazing, all the pieces of the puzzle fit together in the conclusion -I borrowed 5 clips from other creators for this, and forgot to add credits, so they're in the description -To enter the giveaway:

      1. Daniel Ramsey

        Canada too

      2. Yolanda Narainan

        Mrwhosetheboss I’ve entered 🥺. On all five requirements.

      3. M Smith

        Noice...... it's pronounced Nor ice on LTsel , did I win 😁 Zed for Zebra 😷 not zeebra 🤯 mind-blowing see you on the flip 😎

      4. Vlogoholic

        @vicky cordingley Yes their would be Fold 2 (samsung had patented a double fold device few months earlier, that could be upcoming fold 2 in future)

      5. vicky cordingley

        Do you think they will bring out a fold 2?

    2. Pranav Pawar

      Great,but any disadvantage

    3. Ashwant Bikram Shah

      No..equivalent to your currency, it will be around 1,50,000 Nepalese currency and with government tax and all..Not an affordable phone for me!!..I'll upgrade my note 8 with a note 10+ maybe...

    4. swiper sniper

      The screen is Glass and it increases scratch resistance?? I respect you and others who put in a lot of effort into making information available to viewers but I felt that Samsung has paid a ton to each one to push the Z flip as a superior phone than all and bad mouth the Moto Razor - which is Motorola's first attempt at foldable smartphones- and did way better than Samsung who spent 7 plus years to make a trashy school science project which would earn a C -

    5. Popy Razi

      i want to win the giveaway!

    6. Andrew Azevedo

      Look like I phone 8 plus

    7. Prasoon SINGH

      Love your video ,keep the good work up.

    8. Rahllion Flores

      I want and need that phone, but I can't afford huhu.

    9. Lily Sykes

      The “glass” was tested and scratched wi try a finger nail so it’s not glass it’s a plastic.

    10. Rocky Cookie

      0:06 lol

    11. Michael Vincent

      Hope to win the galaxy s20 ultra! Been watching all your videos eversince #fromthePhilippines

    12. Alan

      No I won't buy it for that price at all actually I liked there old flip phone from back in the day than this one looks to big and hard to fold and unfold with one hand ass there old one did. It's nice if you want to show off and luxury and that's about it.

    13. Life of Almo

      I would love to win a phone bc i don't have a nice phone abd a am trying to start doing photographer but my phone sucks at takeing photos so i would love to win a new phone and if u don't believe me my phone is a Samsung galaxy c7 pro but again i would love win a phone 😊

    14. Adam Dabit

      The Z Flip actually has a plastic screen. Watch JerryRigsEverything’s review to see for yourself

      1. Pulse Gamin

        which is better

    15. Meercatzz

      1-1-1-400... D-d-d-ollars?...

    16. Sakumi HIGH

      Thid is such a weird phone tbh.

    17. Unknown Paradise

      My Hipster Dreams are shaking ill buy 1 in every color

    18. Dan zace


    19. Jason Smith

      Is it bad that I liked the form factor of the first Samsung Fold? I was really hoping that they would have gotten the technology straightened out for that one this year. Looks like I gotta wait a while longer.

    20. EnglandKeepMyBones

      Funny how Samsung lie and say glass screen when it isn't a glass screen at all

    21. Ahmad m Rajeh


    22. Chief Madrox

      Yep im tired of apple, this z flip is gonna be the one that takes off

    23. Debra Dukes

      Arun absolutely agree I see this as something that fits in pocket and people who want to see what is going on with it and ready to move into Samsung devices.I like it and definitely see some who absolutely want it. Deb 👌👍✌

    24. thami mogashoa

      It's cool AF ... I would but at £600

    25. Lenz StaR


    26. Fiendbean17

      No, the display is still made of plastic.

    27. Pricope Mirel

      U are brother Pablo Escobar?

    28. your dad

      Xiaomi :Im about to launch this at half price tomorrow

    29. Omar Iqbal

      It's not Glass its plastic

    30. Dogfartface

      Sounds a bit like you're promoted my Samsung here to sell this product a bit dude. Never got that feeling off you before, whether it was/is true or false.

    31. Dogfartface

      I mean, the style of the product is spot on, IMO and good on them for releasing this and pushing us into some more interesting phone designs that are more compact (the current ones do my head in a little). But looking at older specs for such a pricey phone (prolly to keep costs down a bit) is still not that enticing, especially with that battery being only 3300mAh. Good example of how it's better to wait for some more refined, higher spec models.

    32. -BR- N0xiety

      The 'glass' is as scratch resistant as plastic. So, basically there is no resistance. It has been tested by JerryRigEverything, so that 'glass' part is pretty much bs...

    33. Anh Đức Lê

      "I don't think the display is glass" JerryRigEverything confirmed

    34. Anh Đức Lê

      when he throws the iphone 11 pro max into the bin u know he's rich

    35. sofiani4ever

      Who else is watching this on Galaxy S7? ✋✋✋

    36. jazzy jay

      I kinda want one 😳

    37. محمد السعدي

      It's NOT GLASS

    38. Dragon Kxk

      OK either a- samsung paid you to lie about a plastic screen or b- you don't know what glass is

    39. Tirus Gichuhi

      Visit Jerryrigeverything for the durability test and you will find that the screen unfortunately isn't glass but plastic. Samsung lied! It scratches at level 2 with deeper groves at level 3

    40. Jonathan De Guzman

      My phone: a $120 phone with snapdragon. Me: why am I watching this?

    41. lifetraveler81

      It's not to be cool, it's simply to target a lot of women that buy stuff that just looks pretty, regardless of how bad it is.


      This is just an In your face to Apple.

    43. Fauna Hart

      Glass can have different hardnesses just because it is softer doesnt suddenly make it definitely plastic. I mean do you not expect a softer glass when its flexible??

    44. David Simard

      Just something to keep in mind, in the US both foldable phones are only sold as GSM phones. That in and of it self will limit sales as Verizon and Sprint customers won't be able to buy either one.

    45. Immortal Firefly06

      sorry i have my invisible phone

    46. Michael De Belen

      I wish I could have one. Too bad for me because I can't afford any of that. 😢

    47. ermin sabotic

      Z Flip

    48. ermin sabotic

      Zed Flip

    49. buxz777

      jerry rig everything just showed up samsung for the liars they are ... that aint glass ... its as plastic as a bic biro mate .... you can dent it with your fingernail and it scratches at a level 2 lol

    50. Waleed Turk

      Plzzzz give Me A Phone Plzzz

    51. Yolanda Narainan

      Well I entered for the giveaway 🥺. I do need a new phone so...

    52. Lil_ Hatcher

      It didn't even took 10 seconds from the video that i saw iphone 11 in the bin


      I prefer the escobar one over the shit are my hands on.

    54. Luigi Tuazon

      I think we now know that this phone doesn’t have a glass screen. It’s still plastic. It scratches at a level “fingernail”

    55. PREDATOR

      Honestly, your description of this phone makes me wanna buy it!! Dang!

    56. xdythdtv

      Samsung: glass JerryRigEverything: *deeper grooves at a level 3*

    57. Clash Playhouse

      Was thinking of getting one but you made a very valid point about not having 5g capabilities. Can't see spending that much money on a phone that's already behind the times when it first comes out.

    58. NightGamers

      its not glass sumsung lied. watch JerryRigEverything

    59. Mario von Kafka

      If Escobar Inc start to sell it for 399$ I'll buy it for sure. Even to know and understanding the specs.

    60. Ponlouk LEY

      i'm alway watching your video. i love technology