Shakira & J. Lo's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show


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    Shakira & J. Lo perform at the Super Bowl LIV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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    1. NFL

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      1. Jhoana Ocampo

        @_11200415_ t

      2. loves2 loom

        Luis goliat 😱😱

      3. loves2 loom

        Grettel G Seria buena idea y asi demostramos el poder que tiene Shakira

      4. Cenderella Cenderella

        Latinos presente en el Súper Bowl 2020💃🕺🏻👯‍♂️

      5. Fabián Méndez

    2. Monserrat Pamplona

      La JLo puro gritar... La shak si canto

    3. Epoch rocks

      Addicted to this halftime show... Evergreen show.. love you both Shakira and JLo🥰💕💖💞❤️💓

    4. J Ozz

      149K salty mfkrs

    5. Christian Stevens

      I LOVE Waka Waka!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Mohammed Borah

      I'm gonna switch from coca cola to pepsi

    7. Lilian Yelamo

      I could watch this a million times~

    8. Alan López Cuevas

      Creo que ha sido el mejor super bowl hasta ahora...

    9. Azur D

      They did great!!

    10. 蔡家明


    11. Roger Rodriguez

      Se pasaron, se pasaron malditasea él talento de estas dos mujeres... Para que esa vaina lo haga karol g, becki g, natti natasha tienen que volver a nacer y ser ellas dos

    12. Custodioinfernal

      nice karaoke

    13. Christian Stevens

      Shakira es muy bonita y talentosa! Y mi espanol es muy poquito. Jajaja

    14. lil big sis

      Oh my God..Steve Aoki brought me here. I am not even a fan of these two women but now I can see why they really made it to the top!! What an amazing performance! I like that Shakira's segment offered more variety and showed how versatile she is as a performer. She mixed in Arabic,Latin & metal samples in there. Very creatively well put! I also liked that she wore boots, that tells me that she is not all about being just sexy all the time. I dunno. JLo's costume changes were more extravagant and flashy and boy can she dance with those heels!! The two of them shaking their hips at the end was such a delight! Awesome worldclass performers!!!♡♡♡♡ P.S. I am now a fan hahaha

    15. Yoboyerik




    17. B

      128 million 💖

    18. Romiel Aguiluz


    19. Danny Alexander Fonseca Sanabria

      This Is Champeta Dance... 😉thanks Shakira.

    20. Pia ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

      No soy adicta a las drogas pero si adicta a dándole replay a este vid

    21. Thái Huỳnh Hồng

      9:42 Any Vietnamese people who watch this part will laugh so much :))))))

    22. I miss jokes on purpose

      5:29 thank me later

    23. Jose. c

      Jlo wao 🤩🤩

    24. Susana Li

      How Could Shakira change her entire outfit in such short amount of time?

    25. Oujisama Senpai

      How much adderall did she take?!



    27. Luca Quintana

      in English: what will be saying bad bunny? in Spanish: what will be saying bad bunny?

    28. Sonaya Disoma Hadji azis

      JLO😍 stunning

    29. El Aguila

      Que tranquilidad y seguridad la de Shakira😌

    30. Martin Lujan

      Bailan bien y cantan bien. Pero porque tan pornograficos los movimientos? Hay necesidad? 🤷🏽‍♂️

    31. Oscar Villalobos


    32. Bato Del Castillo

      DIVINE !!!!!

    33. Luz Jaramillo


    34. amelia h

      Me and my siblings: *In a heated argument* My Mom: 6:05

    35. Juan Pablo Ingles

      Love Jlo's part 6:11 😍😍

    36. what what

      Jlo's first outfit looks awful

    37. Kitty Channel

      Bad Bunny misogino cerote

    38. OGEG

      I was watching this and I was like O_O with all the "shots"

    39. Mariana Xavier

      Quem veio por causa de Diogo parodia

    40. Cinéfilo #FDF

      ¡NECESITO LA LETRA DE ESTE SUPER BOWL! I need the lyrics of this super bowl !!!!!

    41. D Ngarissan

      SHAKIRA deserves the Nobel price

    42. Joel Lugo

      definitely this great show has raised the level of what the halftime show should be in the super bowl

    43. terryfriend16

      I miss the big college bands. That speaks America. This stuff is not okay with my grandchildren.

    44. Jen Colón

      Bad bunny do be vibin do 👌❤️

    45. Rian Marques

      Who every night came here to watch this amazing performance before go to bed ?

    46. Angel Terrain

      She said lesbian

    47. Tyrell Marangwanda

      Jennifer lopez is the woman Michael Jackson🔥🤩

      1. Kesha Al Busaidy

        Don't make me laugh 😂😂. MJ is in a class of his own. Show some respect.

    48. Kiki king

      JLO 💃

    49. Masiel Avila

      Nunca salió charlie damelio

    50. BlueSSSniper

      If jlo started with adrenalina oof yesss

    51. Mauricio Castro

      Me e bisto esto como 20 veses no me deja de impresionar

    52. Bryan Rodriguez Caimares

      So now i wish i could hear Jlo singing a full version of waka waka

    53. Alberto Dominguez

      Shakira, hermosa cantante colombiana, me gusta su música y su manera de bailar

    54. Yuriko Zheng

      I’m gonna cry 🥺💗

    55. Zifa Family

      I’m 42 and yea I look like jeniffer lopez mom because I went through so much I see girls who are saying jlo looks so young yes because she has money and fame and she is smart she used her fame and money the right way this is why she has confidence and young

    56. Jose Joaquin Ortiz Rozo

      I enjoy this show just the way I enjoy a cup of Colombian Coffee.

    57. Marwa OLA

      They sold their bodies

    58. Well Yeah

      They didn’t realize they bought a ticket to a strip club 😂😭

    59. zeina20111

      🇱🇧 This is for Shakira 🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧

    60. Gnostic atheist

      I was brought here by a channel called a call for an uprising and was sorely disappointed by the lack of satanism.

      1. Kesha Al Busaidy

        I know that channel. 😅