Stop finding my old SCHOOL PHOTOS!!



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    1. 7. Killer

      18:10 WaaHAHAAA Classic pewds

    2. Agingger Gown

      Why he's wearing headphones ?

    3. Erik N. G

      When pewdiepie says your name first of the normal names.

    4. JP Argentina

      Who else put there head up to the screen so u got pat on the head by the lord himself best day ever

    5. Otamabread

      Kurt Cobain knockoff

    6. XxPastel CloudxX

      pEWDiEpiE: welcome to LWIAY, let's watch memes. :) others: Welcome. So today as you see in the title, we are doing the 50/50 challenge and buy the merch... **8 minutes later** ok so let's start with the video now :) (I just realized Felix posted this on my birthday) :o

    7. Aleka

      "the weirdest thing about growing up is that people born in 2000 are 19, IMPOSSIBLE" Me, born in 2000 : ok boomer

    8. Ubeydullah Aydin

      Let's all just skip the fact that he called Keanu Reeves, Kanye West.

    9. // alex \\

      I love seeing that ring on his finger.

    10. Gabriel Kuhlman

      my sister is 13 years old and she looks wayy biger?!🤔

    11. David Liss

      My name is David Liss and I will also name my son Dick

    12. Jag Kevinesh Jega

      pewds:i wonder what time there was where people like we're living the time like the 60s.... 40s.... people during world war 2 : :/

    13. TTT Dr.Rabbit

      18:41 Pewdiepie noticed me :D

    14. TTT Dr.Rabbit

      He doesn’t know who Ken Joung is?

    15. Leztat Noveda

      "Terraria series" is basically T-series... Watch out Pewds, I sense great evil.

    16. Iron Gaming

      Why you don’t use iPhone instead of android..

    17. Crazy Ninja 302

      Why the did I just get the *ORIGINAL* Tuber simulator ad

    18. Joel Foreal

      Joker stairs

    19. Gabby loew

      “Prepubescent memes” 😅👍 sure buddy

    20. Ada Aguilar

      6.9 million views lol

    21. BlaNK

      His headphones lowkey on backwards

    22. George Henny

      17:57 why he said Kanye west it’s Keanu Reeves

    23. Isaac Jerez

      Felix, im named hildebrando, what do you think about that, isaac is my second name :,v

    24. Maddox Lee

      17:30 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Thats my favorite mythology!!!!!

    25. MusicalMelanie

      So we’re ignoring the fact that Felix said he might have a kid soo guess we’re doing that

    26. Uikeloop

      That intro is a copy of davie504


      Anyone else notice it was NF hold in the sign at 14:09 honestly a very under rated rapper on the mainstream

    28. TraficCat

      you can tell he's becoming dad when he give pat on back.

    29. Marne Celmar

      What the.. you have the same aura right now with someone I hate but I loved... ahahhaha


      This went from Felix’s old photos to some weird meme review type thing.. LTsel WHAT HAVE YOU DOEN TO SOCIETY

    31. Erick Wise

      Felix calls my name common I'm just here like u wot mate🤣

    32. Sirevix

      did he just say minecraft Yava version ? 17:36

    33. superBersYT

      This has big 2015 pewds energy throughout the beginning. I don't know why, it just feels like an old video but you know it's not

    34. Connor Grieve

      Same Felix I am 14 and 5,1, in every picture I have taken I have been front and center that includes sports, family, and school pictures

    35. FireboyYTGaming

      4:56 i actually cried, lmao. I also found out i'm like 10% swedish 10% irish through a DNA scan fricky.

    36. Elliot Bowers payne

      What's the shirt/flannel brand hes wearing looks sick

    37. bjarne smink

      Pewdiepie you already have the microsoft mc version if you have the java version

    38. Tariq Alenizii

      You should probably play mincraft story mode

    39. Emmanuel Carneiro


    40. Tv3nz Mythical

      pewds if u do a terraria series call it t series