SUNGMIN 성민 ‘오르골 (Orgel)’ MV Teaser #2



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    SUNGMIN’s 1st Mini Album “Orgel” is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform:
    SUNGMIN Official
    #성민 #SUNGMIN #오르골 #Orgel
    SUNGMIN 성민 ‘오르골 (Orgel)’ MV Teaser #2 ℗ SM ENTERTAINMENT, Label SJ

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    1. Shantall Hernández

      Te amo!!!!

    2. JAD


    3. homunculus_alterego

      Congratulations Sungmin! Ignore the haters and live your life. Let's support Sungmin with buying his first solo album!

    4. chumpunut2 rujipatcharakul

      성민너를아이돌 사랑해

    5. Alexandra L

      Es una canción llena de muy hermosa!

    6. Maria Kamila Quintero Bucheli

      I’m glad he’s back

    7. حلا الرويلي


    8. Ana Laura

      No sabes cuánto te extrañé.

    9. Gail Williams

      Sungmin is back yeah!

    10. 陳南寧


    11. Talal Ali


    12. Talal Ali

      كميةة الحذفف مو طلبعيه 😩💔💔💔

    13. Malak Alali

      الله ينتقم منج اس ام ليش دتحذفون المشاهدات

    14. b b

      I love you~

    15. Yocelin Yamilet De La Rosa Sarabia


    16. Alaide Carvalho

      Muito lindo o i Love youu

    17. Azzahraa Maharani

      Baru tau kabar sungmin lagi stlh dia nikah wkwk

    18. Elvia Rodríguez


    19. Elvia Rodríguez

      Sungmin 💕😍

    20. あい.Aisha

      Wish you all the best 💙

    21. Erika Lopez


    22. Riskayanti Mandasari

      Oppa i Miss ur voice.. congratulation for your solo album ..elf love you..❤

    23. Katherin L

      í love you

    24. rosemarry003


    25. rosemarry003

      I love you

    26. Abeer The amazing girl coming from space

      I will give you oil just Just return it to the band

    27. Rosa Gallo

      I’ve been waiting for you 💕💕 Welcome back!!

    28. diamondatrix

      OMG!!!! THIS IS IT!!!!

    29. SJBlue fog

      I luv u luv u luv u 💙💙

    30. Kazoan Kazel

      My legend

    31. Kazoan Kazel

      My king

    32. Kazoan Kazel

      So relaxing

    33. Kazoan Kazel

      So handsome

    34. Osksnds Kslsens

      I miss you so much💔💔💔💔💔💔

    35. Mabel R


    36. salma seo

      Love so much always and forever 💗💗 please come back to super junior نحبك جدا و سنبقى الى جانبك للأبد ⁦💯💞 Arabic Iraqi ELF

    37. 사우디나다


    38. 사우디나다

      I love u

    39. 사우디나다


    40. Aira Joyce Pascua


    41. Lee Anissa

      d-day please used hastag on twitter #Sungmin1stAlbum #Orgel

    42. Maria glz

      Vamos¡¡¡¡ hoy es el gran dia wiiiiiiiii¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    43. elf 15


    44. Devia Via

      Let him back to SJ, I can't lose anymore

    45. Karla Ramírez

      Ya extrañaba su voz

    46. Regie R

      It's so good to see him back as Sungmin the artist!

    47. Lizbeth


    48. LIZA

      기분 나쁘다.

    49. Noon22 Noonhhn77

      Love love 😭💗💗💗💗💗😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💗💗💗💗

    50. Mi Cobijo Literario

      His voice!💞🇵🇪🙊

    51. Carito Sakura Torres

      Oppa Fighting!! You are the best!!! 😍😍😍😍 Kiss From Ecuador 🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨

    52. Sandy Moreno

      Ánimo, aquí estamos oppa


      65,070 ??

    54. : o

      i started stanning suju after he left, definitely looking forward to seeing suju w him as part of them, wanna see what he brings to the table.

    55. Sayuri Leon Farfan

      Elf internacional te apoya 💙💙💙

    56. Siti Nurrahmah

      back to Super Junior Please !!!

    57. Samiha Saeed

      yes yes sungmin yes good job bro

    58. May H

      I was having a stressful day today, and even though it's a teaser. Sungmin's voice really lifted me up 😊

    59. May H

      Amazing. I already love the song!

    60. May H

      THE VOCALS 😍😍😍