Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards


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    Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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    1. Gem Mint Miners

      Misty Copeland tho....

    2. Day Araújo

      Os fãs da Taylor que me desculpem, mas só consegui prestar atenção nos dançarinos a partir de 4:15 (na música Blank Space). E que dançarinos, hein?! PQP!

    3. Kai

      I cant stop rewatching this. 😂🖤

    4. Natacha l

      Who is those two girl with her on shake it off?

    5. The Kameleon

      Kesha gives her best life

    6. 별비

      what's the title of that song? 7:30

    7. LeeAnn Stumpff

      The crowd singing sooooo loud gave me goosebumps.

    8. Emily Hanley

      No shade or anything, I love Taylor 5ever... BUT is it just me or does it seem like she’s being a little tik tok-y in her dance moves? Lol.

    9. Loín Coubert


    10. WaiThetOo Mon

      I realized Taylor's really tall lmao (no hate) 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    11. Matt U

      Hey there people!!! Could ya'll support my LTsel channel? I make songs, EDM and mixes of popular songs:))))

    12. GiGi Slayer

      PERFECT ❣💗❣🔥🔥🔥

    13. IT Man


    14. けんHEYIT’Sけん

      The only thing i know when im watching this im happy because she able to sing her old song i love u taylor and we will be always here for u cause we are swifties!❤️😘

    15. Faris Abdul Jabbar


      1. aura anzita


    16. Al

      My luvv

    17. Mac Vaughn Xerxes

      taylor :

    18. Sneha Chauhan

      You guys know why we love Taylor's songs? Because all her songs are related to our life and we all are know the pain how much we struggle and happiness thank you Taylor I remember that days when I really appreciate your songs in my life 💖💖 (sorry for my bad English)

    19. Manish J

      She missed reputation Not a single song from it!

    20. Illukos

      reputation asks for your location

    21. Natan Kim

      Selena I saw u >< ❤️

    22. Manish J

      This performance deserve 1B views I was smiling through the entire performance. Tay yo the best

    23. steve szum


    24. maraba televole

      Taylor seni ayakta sikmek istoyrum

    25. rcjr68

      glad u posted this, im not a typical fan of this type music. like shake it off, so seeing other songs and her performance I enjoyed it. definitely a talented lady

    26. John Ferguson

      I stay up to late shake it off daym

    27. oh I thought I cared lol

      I love her soooooo much 😭♥♥♥♥

    28. John Ferguson

      Trouble trouble i knew you were trouble when you walked in

    29. Chen Xhai

      The memories that flash backs of every song is priceless. ❤️

    30. สุบิน สุวรรณ

      2:48 selena?

    31. Raxorie

      0:24 girl got slapped

    32. Jasmin Portillo

      im always and forever be a fan taylor!!❤

    33. J. B.

      Taylor so happy during this performance. Well deserved award!

    34. Leah Buo

      Can't hold back my tears. Feeling like a proud mom here. So proud of you, Taylor.

    35. Jennybie Marbella

      She's so amazing 😍❣️

    36. ppiiyyaa ppiiyyaa

      Taylor should add a reputation album song in this melody

    37. Curse Siv

      0:59 i was just like, "omygod thats Billie!" HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    38. Fancy Doo

      love you Taylor

    39. Ali Ahmadi

      I have question.... Why is this girl so beautiful and awesome ?😍

    40. Gary Owen

      Taylor Swift > Madonna