Testing Useless Nail Hacks (Blowing Bubbles Through My Nails)

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    "Which life hack do you think was tHe MoSt UsELeSs?"
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    1. m0isT cooKiE

      'and BEN won't stop me' I think they're trying to say something 😂

    2. Zahraa Badran

      Ben_troom_troom's actual account is @mak_skomoroh check him out lol😂

    3. Austeja Vertelkaite

      Ben: “Do it again! Do it again!”😂

    4. Beverley Blair

      Love it and Ben's reaction

    5. Beverley Blair


    6. jasmine doster

      “it blows air?? why does it blow air???

    7. vbddfy euuyt

      “Will we still be hear?”* laugh starts, but then gets cut off, and than ad plays* so no than? Lol.

    8. Lewis B

      fbwat.ch/1d2fSLOgk3DtPI1i 5min nail hacks (and how to fix a broken nail)

    9. MMH 21

      "This is fun" "do it again" 🥺🥺

    10. Lynie Brown

      Troom troom is trying to use Christine to their advantage...*scoff* BEYYN *scoff* NAIL HACKS *scoff* USELESS HACKS *sco- I think I made my point

    11. Denise Pratt

      The thing is, the content creators who might be negatively impacted are the doll artists. If they don't get feedback from their target audience (Adult artists and collectors) in the form of comments, they'll have less incentive to do free video content.

    12. Zoe Drolick

      Am I the only one who wants a relationship like Christines and bens😩😂😂

    13. pxstel_liights

      i love how cristine never changed like other these youtubers who change for fame.

    14. Skiddaddy

      "my real hand" uhm- is the other fake?

    15. Phantom Dude

      Ur a tea Rex

    16. uriel salazar

      Ben: explaining a real life ploblem Christine:*blows bubble*

    17. Sierra House

      You guys talked about Coppa and the FTC, but you guys didn't talk about the huge fine of $42k you have to pay if LTsel decides your videos are kid friendly when you say they are not for kids...

    18. Esperanza Mendez

      Use a nail drilllllll not an actual drill!

    19. Esperanza Mendez

      Use a nail drilllllll not an actual drill!

    20. Esperanza Mendez

      Use a nail drilllllll not an actual drill!

    21. Zevah Hart

      Right after she said they have ads I instantly got an ad

    22. Ella Chicken-Tender

      I’m just mblocking our the haters

    23. X e l i a n a X

      I hOlE pUnChEd My HaNd ShIt!

    24. me

      “They’ve got adds” and then an add pops up

    25. April Granados

      I like it when Ben starts talking about smart stuff in a goofy video. That revolution sounds great I have a six year old nephew that watches a lot of crap on youtube and you can really tell when older people or teenagers target children viewers.

    26. Savannah Greene-Smith

      Christine slamming troom troom for 5 minutes straight

    27. Hello Old friend

      *realizing the joke she made to ben and dying because of how immature I am*

    28. lemonsrpeople2

      “they’ve got ad-“ *ad plays* get that coin simply

    29. Icelandic Girl

      12:28 This moment almost killed me😂😂😂😂😂

    30. Scribble Art

      This is the first day of my LTsel channel, I hope to encourage 🙂

    31. Dreamwitch?

      The holo gifs product us

    32. Dorotea Bole


    33. Kseniya Y

      You know how people say robots are going to take over the world I think troom troom is going to take over the world.

    34. no name

      Make ur nails into a paintbrush and paint a picture with em

    35. Falling for Music

      Why do I have a feeling that troom troom did that video especially for Christine...

    36. alien sabe

      Do nails with plastic straws,that would be amazing!

    37. Lunarshine 2007

      11:11 Those glasses don't fucking fit you. Bitch.

    38. Katrina Maynez

      The second she said they have ads I got an ad

    39. WeiRd Kids

      So no ones gonna talk about when when she said "yo! It worked perfectly"

    40. Rowan Lynch

      Hey Cris, this is super random, but I just watched your How to Grow Your Nails video and wanted to know, have you considered selling Holo Taco nail oil pens?? They'd be like the ones you use but they could, like, have your logo in ~holo~ on them 💿🌮💅