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    Charles learns how many years are in a decade and the guys build their NBA All-Decade squads!
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    1. Adrian Armenta

      Nobody: Shaq: 👨🏾‍✈️

    2. dj_franchised_ Grand

      LeBron KD Steph Harden AD or Russ

    3. Ezra West

      I wouldn't put Kobe on the 2010s all-decade team because he was only dominant in the early part of the decade. His last playoff appearance was in 2013. For most of the decade he either didn't make the playoffs or was injured.

    4. YouTube N' Chill

      Where’s Kobe?

    5. DougEdwards317

      I hate Kenny Smith

    6. Plipo Gamez

      Mr Barkley was correct to try to clarify the criteria before the discussion started.

    7. lispis

      Sleepin on k love

    8. Mmmd Dhdhdh

      Just leavin giannis out

    9. Doron Bond

      2020....i understand you Chuck LOL!!!

    10. Chris Wright

      Chris Paul > Westbrook

    11. DBSports

      The correct answer is (In Ernie's format) 1st Team: Stephen Curry Kobe Bryant LeBron James Kevin Durant Dirk Nowitzki 2nd Team: Russell Westbrook James Harden Kawhi Leonard Tim Duncan Anthony Davis Honorable Mentions: Dwayne Wade Chris Paul Blake Griffin Draymond Green

    12. Death

      Tim Duncan?

    13. Sudhir Kakar

      This is what non college people sound like. They may get to the right answer, but they’ll never know why. Shaq should have gone to class in college

    14. Marios Moukakos

      A decade is 1 to 10. So it's 2011 to 2020. There is NO Year 0 AD. And no, 2020 is not in the new decade.

    15. Yoaidan12 !!

      Dwayne Wade> Curry + Westbrook

    16. Tom S

      Before Cousins got injured he was regarded as easily the best center in the game so I'm not sure what Shaq is talking about

    17. oran sapir

      My top five would be Curry harden Lebron kd and Tim Duncan/ Chris bosh

    18. All Gucci Drip

      I agree with Kenny, Blake was the best PF for most of the decade

    19. Votonic

      Kobe, steph, pao, LeBron, giannis. It is who played between 2010 to 2019. Giannis is has monster year. I got steph and Kobe. I don't need kd.

    20. Josuke Higashikata

      That's a fair point by Chuck honestly. Like, technically Mike played in the 2000s but would you pick Wizards Mike over Bulls Mike? Totally legitimate to ask about time period.

    21. Andy Bailey

      Shaq doesn't like Pau on that team bc Kobe won him his rings...

    22. Andy Bailey

      Dwight Howard > Rudy Gobert? 😂

    23. Andy Bailey

      Wait, how u have KD over Kawhi? One man joined a Championship team, the other MADE a Championship team and put them on his back..

    24. 80teg

      LeBron, KD, Curry, Harden, plus Kawhi or AD. Unlike other decades, this one was automatic.

      1. Rhys Thompson

        80teg Not Kawhi, he only made all nba twice in the 10 years he lowkey trash af, Davis 100% or maybe Dwight Howard he was a best early in the decade

    25. Ben  Daulton

      He meant 2010-2020.

    26. Diego Vasquez

      Were they counting from 10 to 20 when no one has even played in 2020? technically the decade is from 09 to 19 then..

    27. L.M

      its easy Steph Harden LeBron Kawhi Durant If you want a Center then switch out Kawhi and put AD at the center postion

    28. MrTUBEular10

      Everyone here was dumb. None bigger than Shaq. He tried to come off as smart but looked like the biggest imbecile towards the end.

    29. Nate Kelsey

      Curry Harden Lebron KD and Giannis change my mind

    30. Nathan Whinery

      Kobe didnt deserve to even be mentioned with the other guys based on this decade alone.

    31. Buffalo Bills

      James harden has had a 100000x better decade than kobe. We're not saying who had the better career. It is who had the better decade. For SG its between Klay thompson and harden. And harden easily wins

    32. General of your mom

      Suddenly I remembered Frank Caliendo and Aries Spears impressions of Charles Barkley

      1. jimmie jenkins

        What drugs did you buy off the street (manufactured by big pharma)?

    33. Lil Rick

      4:16 Shaq trynna say his list but everyone’s ignoring him lol

    34. User: 6ix9ine

      Lol shaq just wanted to say himself as the 5

    35. Mangesh Pinge

      Dwight Howard???

    36. Aristidis Armoundas

      Shaq could pick himself as a big man

    37. Social Network Snapigram


    38. M. S.

      Am I the only one here who CANNOT stand Kenny ????

    39. 150ShootasInATL

      Kobe didn’t make 7 all stars this decade tf😂😂

    40. Goba Inc.

      Tony Parker, Goran Dragič, Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol, Danillo Gallinari

    41. Tychus Findlay the Peace Activist

      Westbrook duped the whole world with his stat padding

    42. Jacky Z

      Ernie so dumb with the 3 front court and 2 backcourt, just do best 5

    43. Michael DeSilvio

      Lebron farted his fans away. 👹💨🌫😵


      1:50 not yet? Decades over. Jet is an idiot 😂😂

    45. fresh3456

      When did Kenny get a hairline?

    46. Microwave Burritos

      Chuck actually had a valid question. Or maybe its because I asked the same thing.

    47. michael

      bron kawhi kd curry duncan

    48. Mike5

      A real list..... 1.Westbrook 2.Harden 3.LeBron 4.Kevin Durant 5. Howard

    49. Bj Rufino

      Curry, Harden, James, Durant and Davis

    50. Raj

      Chuck actually had a point. They need to chill the f down

    51. Bernhard Krämer

      if you are doing 3 froncourt you have to take dirk 2011 champ 2011 finals mvp 6xAll Star first foreign player to score 31.000 come on guys considering Kobe but smiling when Kenny suggests Dirk this is a Joke

    52. M Daddy

      why is Shaq wearing the Gone Fishin hat in December?

      1. Krystal Baremore

        There was a segment shortly after this where Shaq promoted some cruise.

    53. Edison De Jesus

      Dudeeee kobe just played at a high lvl until 2012 before the Achilles injury. All his other Allstars appearance wasnt because he played great but the fans just want him on it. Im not saying his bad but the regression is real after the injury

    54. yikes butt

      Kd curry klay Lebron ad

    55. John Donald

      What could have been with Derrick Rose. 😩

    56. Jeremy Borrero

      Steph Wade Lebron KD Davis

    57. Brett M

      He’s got a degree

    58. buisavestokyo

      Chuck you was right... they guessing...


      🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 1:37 🔥💃🖤 december 2019? 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💛

    60. Brian Donnelly

      kenny is the fakest EVER