WayV 威神V 'Love Talk' MV



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    WayV’s new single "Love Talk" is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/WayV_LoveTalk
    WayV Official
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    WayV 威神V 'Love Talk' MV ℗ LABEL V

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    1. A-D Queen

      This definitely finna be my 2020 song.

    2. Crush -san

      I have no idea who these men are....But Im so happy accidentally clicked on this video

    3. annikook BTS

      I love them I loved the song

    4. Shania Almeiliawati

      Good♡ love this song...wayV fighting!!

    5. Aerina Kai


    6. Niko Park

      I don’t understand why I enjoy this song so much.

      1. Niko Park

        Oops. I’ve been replaying it over and over now.

    7. daisee

      “whats your sign” the stop sign. boy button that shirt.

    8. cherry bomb

      WayV best!!💚💚💚

    9. Aksa

      They need to perform this again 😪♥♥♥

    10. Peter Pan

      Listening in January 18th \♡▪♡/

      1. Aksa


    11. Aerina Kai


    12. Victoria A


    13. Fatih M

      Love this song so much~❤

    14. Victoria A

      How is this LEGAL?

    15. LeeKnow_ Fawa?¿

      I just wanna if they are rlly half naked when they are doing that one part

    16. Bae Jeno

      Mano essa música é mto boa namoral!! 💞💞💞💞🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    17. Tay Tay

      I still get attacked watching this

    18. Whostole Snackysnack

      Me: Oh! New WayV song :clicks video: WayV: Touch me, Tease Me, feel me up. Me: Why I never.. the disrespect. Great song though. Completely took me by surprise as I’m sure it did a lot of us! 😂

    19. Aerina Kai


    20. marsha sabrina

      i'm back to you everyday

      1. ELF Chitta10

        Me too

      2. Aerina Kai


    21. squishura

      this is the international fan hoe anthem

    22. elvina sari

      TEN love youuuuuuuuuu...

    23. Brandy Arzu Mella

      “Girl I just want you to make it clap” 😳

    24. Bárbara Fonseca

      omg i´m crying laughing........ the lyrics are so thirsty, reminds me of the f*ckboys at my school. plus, the fact that they are so serious while singing these lyrics cracks me up. no hate, i like them a lot. just an observation

    25. Rose Mari Fanhani Jorge

      Lindas vozes 💕💕💕💕💕

    26. Hoshi Kwon

      Call me when it's after dark 😏

    27. Chicken Little 2.0

      I say this was written by Ten 😌✊

    28. Myah

      They rlly just spit fire like that-

    29. 이카밀라

      I melt in this song😍

    30. Jeon Jennie

      Lo acabo de escuchar y me encanta 😍😍😍😍

    31. jerry loves donghyuck

      recognition for wayv is all we want >:( they even out here talkin bout one night stands like PLEASE ???!!!

    32. Helena Carvalho

      very backstreet boys

    33. Courtney Newton

      I need a wayv solo world tour

    34. adelinepop

      Xiaojun, what can you hear her calling from where she is? Yangyang, I am confusion. What do you want her to make clap? Hmm? Explain. Hendery, what would she be down to do? Kun, what should she tell you how she like what? Hmm? And why should she call you after dark? Win win... what “action” are you about? Hmm? Lucas what does she want that she doesn’t need to front about? Ten you speak five damn languages. What language is she speaking in that you don’t understand but you love? Explain to me please. Is it the punani? Is that what you’re talking about? Hmmm? Say it wicho chest, boys.

      1. Cecilia Corbalán

        Ten: Español (?

    35. valerie fell asleep •


    36. Ana

      Omg, I can’t with this guys, they want to see me falling in love with them

    37. mariaa

      everybody shut up, winwin is singing

    38. Yaira

      ignore this 1:34

    39. Jiji Nali

      Dunno why each time I see Ten I'm thinking about Chisaki in My Hero Academia

      1. Jiji Nali

        I think mostly the hair

      2. Happychathy

        Hair and eyes?

    40. Eiko

      9 111 294

    41. Patrick Ximenes

      Let’s make it 10 million views plsssss

    42. NCT Forever

      I prupl you

    43. Aerina Kai


    44. Замзагуль Алдабергенова


    45. let's get it nct!


    46. Chenosaur's Wifeu

      Someone help me!! I can't get this song OUT of my head!

    47. cocoberrymochi

      ugh literally their best release yet

    48. Sandy Lee

      Their voices are very nice.

    49. Leslie Aguirre

      I can't stop playing this on repeat

    50. Nemo Meherremova

      Perfect 👍🏼

    51. Groovy Lisa

      This is a bop. Come on American radio play this song.

    52. baekhyuneeez on ig

      my mom loves this song and she also loves xiaojun, pls tell me she has taste.

      1. ELF Chitta10

        She has awesome taste, both on Music and in men too..

      2. T R

        She has tastes

    53. China Sheep

      Doing what u'r doing to me is a crime ,,,,indeed !

    54. Ashley Nicole

      1:49 Welp that’s it, that’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. 2:19 Jfc.

      1. nct jisungpwark

        yur bias must be xiaojun.

    55. hel V

      After this y'all still sleeping on them

    56. Lil Bird

      I DONT KNOW BOUT YALL. But the BEAT DROP..... gets me every time. I be out here just with goosebumps. There voices sound like angels.

    57. Sarah Espinoza sanz

      Kun ♥️

    58. Sa Oh

      I am listening to a group from China, in a Korean environment, which sings in English, when I am doing my French homework

    59. China Sheep

      Idk what's this song is doing to me ,

    60. Sally Daniel

      This is the real hoe anthem