Why is This Candy Impossible to Finish?



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    Jamie offers everyone at Vat19 $300 to play a weird game of Food Pong. Can anyone handle the Sour Pickle Ball?
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    1. Tristan S.

      Why is that cute ass girl so boring lmao she never participates

    2. Rodny Films

      elbows bro tf was that

    3. JoseElPlumber

      Can you guys eat the sour pickle balls after consuming the mberry?

    4. ClanBlackscop

      Is it bad that I ate a whole bag of these ?

    5. PASAN 10000

      This is like a offensive video of Asian food ( I am Asian ) :(

    6. MeanBear19

      I was waiting for the pigs blood

    7. Julia Nava


    8. buttmud clamp

      I love how they do these horrible challenges for such a small amount of money to a company that makes like 500 almost a day mabye idk

    9. Clarissa Kistler

      I want to ill do it no money

    10. SPACE PANDA420

      To me this is not really that big a deal i get those when i go to store

    11. Elizabeth Feragne

      I have a question: you said it has a lot of sour things in it so can you use miracle berry on it

    12. Mary Jones

      I love that candy

    13. FamilyFunandGaming s

      They say its impossible to eat...... Jamie eats it the first like 15 seconds

    14. Loki_Asgard

      First question where can u find the pickle balls second where to get chocolate dipped scorpion

    15. bubbles Citra


    16. ShrekOnCrek

      KAAAARRRAAAAAAAA you had like two things do one pickle ball like cmon

    17. Jazzy Boo666

      Ah as soon as he said sour my mouth did that thing where it just fills with spit like a lot

    18. Nichie Ganminsheng

      Asian people love Century egg

    19. OPJuiceBox

      I’d rather have that than sago and bubble tea 🤢

    20. Pewdie Frejs

      jamie, you should do a video where you have it after taking a miracle berry tablet !!! please do this omg👍

    21. Richarda Zurita

      No homo

    22. Lucia Liang

      Jamie is basically just Chris McLean from total drama island now

    23. Pickle Stephen

      I buy them from 7-11 if you eat alot it turns your shit a vibrant blue

    24. stylist62


    25. Reoz Cyrum

      Why did I think this was like one of those information channels about how this was impossible to eat 😂

    26. Wendy Muller

      I love sour and pickles. I'm in

      1. Wendy Muller

        And spice!

    27. GloOnMobile

      I used to eat those for fun ;-;

    28. Alru Muller

      want want now give pickle pls

    29. Thehider 1234567

      7:32 Queen*

    30. Thehider 1234567

      6:00 When the puppy sees the road.

    31. bird

      "wierd food" welcome to china

    32. KingStickB0i

      I want one!

    33. Colin Zopf

      I feel like working at vat19 would be a dream job.

    34. Dodgerfilms Fan

      I guess it is just me because I am Mexican but I eat those like a snack

    35. Issy to Bizzy

      5:56 i love sour stuff but it was never sour enough so I bought citric acid but I had to stop eating it because it made my tongue peel

    36. Killl Beaster

      Gotta love how they don't actually eat the food

      1. Matt Vella

        Yes they do.

    37. owen.editz_

      Everlasting Gobstoper

    38. Vincenzo Torre

      U have a twin!?!?!?!?

    39. MB Joker

      "i like weird food" "Oh she's in for a BIG Surprise"

    40. Kieran Kelly

      I broke my foot!