Zion Williamson Makes NBA Debut!!


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    Zion Williamson Makes NBA Debut!!
    Zion Williamson made his season debut for the New Orleans Pelicans as they hosted the San Antonio Spurs.
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    1. miko

      If they work on his muscles and fitness he will be a monster.


      Coach should have told Zion and he owners we're not going to play him until he gets down to 230 pounds. This guy is only 6' 6" with the weight of a center. Ask yourself this question..... do you want him for 3 years or 15 years.......very simple choice to me but when money involved they will probably make the wrong one like usual. Right now Zion needs Kawhi Leonard father to protect him the same way he did his son............ GRIM.

    3. Gareth Morcombe

      He´s the future if he can keep the weight down. Not sure how well that´s working out for him so far...

    4. Thug Funny

      5 turnovers...

    5. SuperRip7

      His first game. 01-23-20.

    6. martjek

      Comments section is filled with people who know more than the top tier doctors in the nba.

    7. Tedv1ce - NBA LIVE MOBILE

      Кто здесь русский?) Ребята кому интересн баскетбол или Нба лайв мобайл , то заходите на мой канал , не пожалеете ! ! !

    8. mm mm

      Popovich like ok he is special


      Lonzo refuses to allow his coach to sub out Zion in the fourth quarter...."hell nah, coach, we have a Hulk".


      Zion Williamson drops 22 pts, 7 reb, 3 ast in 18 mins and goes 4-4 FROM DEEP! He had 17 points in a 3 MIN STRETCH!

    11. King Bouji

      Zion Williamson NBA debut Wednesday, January 22 2020

    12. Ian Folmar

      Zion makes difficult things look easier

    13. Harrison Kleinpeter

      Y’all must feel like CLOWNS after that 1st half. 😆😆😆

    14. Ian Folmar

      Zion. Tell the owners to fire the coach, youre the future!!!! Use your power, dont take that b.s. I gotta buy your Jerseys.

    15. L. Moore

      His first career bucket looks like how my 64ovr my player on 2k gets all of his buckets💀

    16. f1y r0ute The Goat

      When u comment before the game ends

      1. f1y r0ute The Goat

        That One Guy agreed

      2. That One Guy

        f1y r0ute The Goat this aged well

    17. Pa P

      Hmmmm....Did his leg injury changed his style of play? I wonder how significant of an injury it really is?

    18. Survival

      No one even cared about the Spurs winning 😂

      1. Breezi TV

        Survival exactly. Put some respect on our name

    19. MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6,

      He's made more 3-pointers in one game than Ben Simmons his whole and this guy is a power forward.

    20. AWEST

      This dude was beastin💪🏼good to see him get buckets like that..he definitely brought them energy n the lead as well✊

    21. luka don

      4/4 from 3's...splashhh

    22. luka don

      Zion is gonna be good.

    23. Aaron Davis

      Straight Garbage....Overhyped

    24. deeznutz101

      Man's not sleep no more lol

    25. Kannan Chock

      lol, so he grabs a rebound and makes a layup and they calling this special?? He has been good, but let the guy get a season atleast in the NBA before we call him the next great

      1. Mochi

        Ahh, you should watch the new video

      2. Substitoad

        Kannan Chock L

    26. Substitoad

      Literally scored 17 points in 3 minutes and grabbed 6 rebounds. What the hell? Finished with 22-7 , Jesus man. This kid

      1. Marlo whitit, Instagram-2muchsauce1979

        He scored 17 in 3 minutes

      2. Mick Funny

        Substitoad damn I turned the game off at halftime I thought Zion isn’t doing anything

    27. Ramon Munoz

      My man scored 22 points in less than 18 minutes

    28. Adhy Nugroho

      Based on this video alone.... that right leg still doesn't look okay. If it ain't, Zion is gonna overcompensate with the left leg, and it might end up hurt as well.

      1. Geo Rockmann

        Still doesnt look okay? Tf r u talking about?

    29. Ulrich 70

      He still Fat as Fuck No offense but the mans gotta losr weight

    30. Outer Space

      If he played more probably would have won

    31. Miller Peter

      He played incredible in the second half. It shows he can confidently shoot threes, rebound, and be aggressive, all in his first game back. Looks a lot like Barkley.

    32. Shawn Smith

      Zion been eatin.

    33. David Steele

      Does the coach want to make finals you don't manage againstall Spurs that's what happens and he needs to kick his ass into gear every time he steps onto the Court yeah he killed it at the end but where was he at the start step it Up Zion worst coaching performance

    34. ron o

      he just passed Ben Simmons in career 3's

      1. Narissus05


      2. HELLAS59

        ron o HAHAHAHAA

    35. David Blair

      23 ene 2020 14.160 visualizaciones

    36. Lincoln Chen

      Pelicans have some good pieces with Lonzo, Ingram, and Zion that seem to work well together. Only problem is two of those guys are extremely injury prone and the third has stretches where he ices out his teammates with isos.

    37. Willth

      What a shit highlights reel

    38. JeLozano

      18 minutes, 22 points. Not bad... the game’s not over yet either

    39. J R

      Wish he was paired with trae young but oh well

    40. jdjd akjar

      Damn this comment section is pure hatred lol like shut the fuck up idiots

    41. Angel Pablo

      They lost haha

    42. ROBBIE SilentHiLL

      man they need to sit this dude down next game or somthin.. or hes gonna end up like T-mac, Rose, Grant Hill and more... he dont look right.

    43. TheRandomGuy

      Let him rehab for the rest of the season before you ruin his career , idiots...

    44. plank3000

      Dude is a bust

    45. Expired Feet Pet Edition

      22 POINTS

    46. Izaiah C.

      😂😂 all y’all tryna hit that delete button on your comment right now aren’t ya

    47. Jamie Constable

      he doesn’t seem confident yet

    48. Kristmaz808

      He still jnjured 🤦🏾‍♀️

    49. ivan

      With those highlights.. I think zion is already better than lebron -some random espn reporter

    50. Bb Rr

      This guy will not stay in the NBA, he looks hurt and his landing and body move show that

    51. Don Moses

      B U S T

    52. Namon Taylor

      Can the NBA hop off Zion.

    53. MisteR SiR

      He favoring one side, not good at all

    54. Who That Boy

      tHe SmOoThIe KiNg CeNtEr

    55. curly tings

      Yeah this comment section didn’t age well😂

      1. Substitoad

        curly tings huge W

    56. Deadly Assasin


    57. Victor Estrada

      People that are calling him a bust know nothing. All they had to do was let the kid play.

    58. Jojo Magpayo

      22 points and counting

    59. RJ Roseboro

      My man just shot 4 3s and scored 17 points in the 4th quarter 😂

      1. Icin

        in 3 minutes in the 4th quarter (also went 4 for 4 beyond the arc)

    60. Prentiss Brown

      He gonna ruin his career playing watch my word being stubborn

      1. jdjd akjar

        Shut up dumbass lol