Zion Williamson Goes OFF for 17 STRAIGHT POINTS In NBA Debut!!


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    Zion Williamson Goes OFF for 17 STRAIGHT POINTS In NBA Debut!!
    Zion Williamson went on a tear in the 4th Quarter as he went for 17 straight points in his NBA debut.
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    1. YeBoyNoahG A V

      Ik he’s gonna be an all star

    2. CraZy

      I feel like Zion is way better than shaq and Giannis already, like he is so freacking fast, athletic, can SHOOT 3’s? Excuse me?, can finish under the rim, wtf? Is he going to beat Lebron?

    3. Sherry Abernathy

      They still lost... hahaha

    4. Fadhil Syauqi

      lebron new

    5. 1st BN 4th Mar 0311

      4:00 Alvin gentry like “ you stupid muthafuka”

    6. Bukhbilegt Tuvshinzaya

      2:46 Russian accent intensifies

    7. Ray Dizon

      A combination of jordan,barkley,shaq,and thompson.

    8. Vincent Jackson

      The young man is just different and special

    9. Chris Roberts

      Lmao did you see the look on the SA coaches face. What in the fuck are we going to do"?

    10. Chris Roberts

      OMG he is unbelievable.

    11. Paul V

      If you squint your eyes he looks just like chuck shootings 3s

    12. Agent SuperArgo

      Zion driving down the lane against opponents is like Godzilla taking a stroll through any city in the world.....the results are the same.😂😂

    13. The Key To Life

      This a damn rookie being targeted like that sheesh 😂

    14. Almighty T.A.P.

      I swear he reminds me of pre injury LJ.

    15. Ryan Cameron

      Ben simmons is selfish doesnt fucking understand if he can shoot semi good team will be better open up shit for teammates dude is ridiculous ..and this dudeeee comes out balling f u Simmons

    16. j gee

      Zion and lonzo will be problems

    17. y1521t21b5

      Kid looks slightly overweight...

    18. littl3m0nkey


    19. Oh Thatz DQ

      Didnt Know Ugly God Had a Lil Brother That Play Basketball 🤯

    20. Cashmoney Rye

      Greatest NBA debut I’ve ever witnessed and that was the only one I enjoyed watching

    21. MrKamotengkahoy

      Zion seems reading the textbook of James Harden... pure offence never mind defense

    22. Joshua padilla

      wow fuck you

    23. Paul Wilson

      I don't think his talents will translate well to the........Oh Shit!😀

    24. Joey Salt

      The NO defense NBA.

    25. Basketball Academic

      With this shooting form and makes Ben Simmons gotta be like: 👀

    26. Dark Slayer14

      I’m moving to NOLA just to watch him in person

    27. Kumbara Putra

      Fee throw sucks man, legend

    28. Henry Velez

      Thats player its the best of the word

    29. SuperRip7

      A young player. 02-05-20.

    30. Toyosi Oyejobi

      Next GOAT

    31. Euro

      he is like SHAQ, but smaller

    32. January's Own94

      4:15 when Zion missed the free throw, I like how the commentators reminds everybody that he’s 4-4 from the 3 point line tho

    33. Pill Cosby

      Imagine if they kept him in the game

    34. guillaume hovington

      lonzo ball is give the ball at Zion 💡

    35. Uchiha Tsuyoshi

      He's shaq(in his prime) that can make a 3

    36. Draco Da Ghost


    37. 6Hunedn16

      Coach probably told him to chill out he just came off of a surgery and didn’t want him to over do it, that’s y he was pissed Lonzo ain’t call the time out

    38. californyeah

      Who's the Fucking Idiot parent who named their Black kid; zion...????!!!

    39. nicodemouz kntet

      Zion become overweight just for the sake of gravity.

    40. maryam

      he really is something

    41. Madden Mobile Gameplay


    42. serdy ximi

      What makes this so fun, is that the leadership DIDN'T want him to do this. They wanted him to come out. The fact that's it's a rebellious 17 points makes it more awesome.

    43. 댕댕이

      새해 복 많이 받으시고 행복한 한해 되세요

    44. bodoy euir

      1:28 He was into his second jump before Poeltl could even turn. Unbelievable quickness...

    45. Don't Ask me for SHIT

      Zoin looks like a old ass man who just retired from the military, And still trying to be in shape

      1. mnika voli

        Pelicans and Zion have got momentum and they just let him shoot three 3's undefended ? C'mon :')

    46. zuygj bnsv

      7 years later: BSPN: “Will Zion sign with the Lakers to replace LeBron?”

      1. Quan with The Juice

        More like never 😂💯

      2. K06E

        More like 3 years later

      3. Black Bananas


      4. Loser

        User Fan1093 What?

    47. PhillyG

      This dude too wild

      1. bodoy euir

        Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    48. dcoog anml

      I personally give it up to Lonzo. He is so selfless on offence. Really excited to see Lonzo and Williamson do damage, if they can both stay healthy.

      1. bouytt guyt

        crazy about NBA and even I know Zions going to be a monster!

    49. LoTemps

      Great defense

      1. zuygj bnsv

        crazy about NBA and even I know Zions going to be a monster!

    50. ENYEL

      4 de 4

      1. bouytt guyt

        Zion Williamson "I'm going to shoot a three. And another. How about another one and if you want I'll make another one" and plus he made all of them! I'm eight years old and

    51. Goldfish Crackers

      Every time this man shoots a three, it looks like it's headed straight for the front of the rim...

      1. dcoog anml

        I don't understand, he had more than 20points and you put in a title 17?

    52. PixelPLayz

      *stomp* *stomp* DEEZ NUTS!

      1. serdy ximi

        Pelicans and Zion have got momentum and they just let him shoot three 3's undefended ? C'mon :')

    53. Juan Galue

      He’s going to be really good 🏀

    54. Vaibhav Yadav

      Damn notice the speedburst at 1:30 for the off rebound! This guy is unreal!!

    55. Mike Youngblood

      As long as he stays relatively healthy, he is a superstar

    56. Jim A

      He'll have to change that form before long. He has zero ups on that jump shot

      1. bouytt guyt

        I can do that. I just don't want to.

    57. Valerie Ireland


    58. senni bgon

      This guy has already hit more 3’s than Ben Simmons has hit in years 😂

      1. bouytt guyt

        they are?

    59. Tony Greene

      I love this young man's potential but man, Popovich must have wanted to smash his head on a wall, I mean where is the Spurs defense on those 3's ? They see that the Pelicans and Zion have got momentum and they just let him shoot three 3's undefended ? C'mon :')